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    12. Special Submissions
      1. Civil War Letters of Hillory Shifflet submitted by Kate Forster
      2. The Olive Branch by Thomas Frazier submitted by Norm Addington
      3. From Whitehall to Bacon Hollow submitted by George Foss
      4. Diary of Thomas E. Shifflet of KY & IL submitted by Cheri Salz
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      1. Unidentified Family Photos
      2. The Boonesville house where Calvin Shiflett and others were executed.
      3. The Churches
      4. Hiden Shiflett Cemetery
      5. The Mooney / Shiflett House in Shiflett Hollow.
      6. Prize Hill Cemetery
      7. Four Generations of the Harrison Martin Shiflett Family.
      8. Shifletts in Ohio: Nathaniel and Solomon Shipley
      9. Shifletts in Ohio: Descendants of David Rowland Shiplett of OH
      10. Shifflet Reunion: 1919 McLean Co., IL
      11. The Shiflett Mill
      12. The Thomas and Patience Shifflett house in Greene County
      13. The cemetery on Thomas and Patience's Land
      14. Yancey, VA: St. Stephen's Mission 1911
  2. Debate and Opinion Page
    1. Shifflett, Roach, Herring Connections
    2. Pickett and Powell Shiflet: Sons of Stephen?
    3. Two John Shifletts?
  3. Family Charts
    Please read About Our Family Charts before visiting these sections.
    1. Shiflet Family Charts
      1. Absalom Shiflett and Winney Herrin mid 1800's
      2. Anfield Shiflett m. Barbara Ann Frazier 1858
      3. Amanda Jane Shiflet m. Ira Howard Via 1872
      4. Benjamin F. Shiflet m. Sarah F. Gaines c.1873 GA
      5. Benjamin Franklin Shiplet m. Mary Ann Reed 1848
      6. Benson Shiflett m. Christina Shiflet 1828
      7. Bland and Vina Shiflett bef. 1770
      8. Calvin Shiflett and Winney Herrin mid 1800's
      9. Clyde Emmerson Shiflett m. Elsie Josephine Dettmar 1912 SD
      10. Darkey Shiflet, mother of Lucy Shiflet m. Robert Davis 1815
      11. David Shiflet m. Lucinda Dean 1837
      12. David R. Shiflett m. Eliza Ann Morris 1853
      13. Diannah Shiflett m. William T. Coleman 1854
      14. Edmond Shiflett m. Harriet McDaniel 1868
      15. Edward Shifflett m. Joice Herring 1811
      16. Elizabeth Shefflett m. Henry Linkous c. 1779
      17. Elizabeth Shiflett m. George Airey, Sr. 1808
      18. Elizabeth Shiflett and Calus Roach c. 1820
      19. Finch Shiflet m. Ann Taylor c. 1823 KY/TN
      20. Fountain Shiflett m. Rebecca Coyle 1822 KY
      21. Frances Shiflett m. Bland Ballard c. 1780
      22. Garland Shifflet m. Peachy Self 1819
      23. Hiram Harden Shifflett m. Elizabeth Shifflett c. 1832
      24. Hasten Shifflett m. Lydia F. Ann Shifflett 1845
      25. Hasten Tussey Shifflet m. Susannah Estell 1811 KY
      26. Isaac Shiplett m. Susan Jordan 1836
      27. Jacob Shiplett and Mary "Polly" Self Jarrell bef.1830
      28. James W. Shiflett m. Elizabeth J. Walker c. 1859 GA
      29. James W. Shiflet Sr. m. Anna Unknown bef. 1833 GA
      30. John Shiflet m. Ann Hicks 1798
      31. John Shiflet m. Frances Martin 1813
      32. John Shiflett m. Joice Powell bef. 1761
      33. John Shiflett m. Elizabeth Campbell 1810
      34. John Shiftlet d. 1799 m. Unknown d. 1792
      35. Lewis Shiflet m. Elizabeth Powell 1838 GA
      36. Lycinnius H. Sheplett m. Emily J. Bruce 1867
      37. Lucy Shiflet m. John Frazier 1811
      38. Mary Angeline (Mageline) Shiflett m. Richard B. Shiflett 1873
      39. Micajah Shifflett m. Candace Unknown c. 1795
      40. Murry E. Shiflett m. Icy Snow 1813
      41. Nathaniel Shiflett m. Betsy Proctor 1812
      42. Nancy Shiflett late 1800's
      43. Overton Shiflett m. Sarah A. Herring 1809
      44. Picket Shiflet m. Lucretia Powell 1795
      45. Powell Shiflet m. Catherine McMullen 1797
      46. Richard Shiflet m. Mary Unknown 1760
      47. Richard Shiflett m. Nancy Morris 1818
      48. Rowland Shiplett m. Elizabeth Franklin 1830 OH
      49. Rufus P. Shiflet m. Rebecca Beazly 1879
      50. Salina Shiflett m. Louden Bruce 1837
      51. Sampson Shifflett m. Amy Gear 1849
      52. Sarah Shiflet m. Mordecai Brown 1824
      53. Simeon C. Shiflett m. Sarah Ann Pritchett 1850 GA
      54. Sinclair Shifflett m. Mary Elizabeth "Betsey" Self 1816
      55. Smith Shifflet m. Sarah Shiflett 1838
      56. Sophia Shiflett m. Lively Keaton 1838
      57. Sparks Shiflet m. Ellen J. Austin 1904 PA
      58. Stephen Shifflett m. 1) unk. bef. 1798; m. 2) Joanna McDaniel 1816
      59. Stephen Shifflett m. Rachel Hicks 1795
      60. Thomas and Patience Shiflet bef.1760
      61. Thomas Shifflet m. Elizabeth Lamb 1790
      62. Thomas Shifflet m. Anna Hardin 1830 KY
      63. Unknown and Darcos (Darkey) Unknown Shiflett bef. 1792
      64. Washington Shiflett m. Mary Morris 1830
      65. William Nimrod Shiflett m. Frances Matilda Shiflett Knight 1878
      66. William Hiden Shifflett m. Eliza Ann Roberts 1860
      67. William Shifflett m. Frances Jane Roach 1820
      68. William (Raz) Shifflett and Fluanna Morris
      69. Zenophen Shiflette m. Lucy J. Berry 1880
    2. Related Families: Documents and Charts
      1. George Airy Sr. b.c. 1789 m. 1808 Elizabeth Shiflet
      2. Mordecai Brown m. 1824 Sarah Shiflet
      3. Louden Bruce Family submitted by Clyde F. Conner, Sr.
      4. Thomas Coleman Family submitted by Carrington Coleman, Kirk Sheap, Eugene Powell & Jeanette Pryor
      5. William T. Coleman b. 1832 m. 1854 Diannah Shiflett
      6. Davis Documents
      7. Descendants of James Dean 1797-1862 submitted by Ellen Kyger
      8. John Frazier b.c. 1770 m. 1811 Lucy Shiflet
      9. Furnish Family of Augusta & Orange submitted by Fred Westcott
      10. Austin Garrison Family submitted by Margaret Stavitski
      11. George Gentry Family submitted by John W. Reed
      12. Graves Family submitted by Ken Graves
      13. Haselrig/Hazelrigg Family submitted by Bernard L. M. Embree
      14. Herrin Family Documents submitted by Mary Herring
      15. Lively Keaton b. 1815 m. 1838 Sophia Shiflet
      16. Henry Linkous b. 1744 m.c. 1779 Elizabeth Shefflet
      17. Pickett Family
        1. Pickett Family Chart submitted by Eugene Powell
        2. Pickett Family Documents submitted by Carrington Coleman
        3. Pickett and Powell Land Transactions
      18. John and Ann Powell of Culpeper County
        1. Powell Family Documents submitted by Chester Johnson
        2. Powell Family Chart submitted by Eugene Powell
        3. Pickett and Powell Family Land Transactions
        4. (Yet Another) Disputed Election: Orange County, 1741
      19. Calus Roach b. 1790 m. bef. 1820 Elizabeth Shiflett
      20. Self Family submitted by Curt Hammond
      21. Snow Family
        1. Timeline and Land Records
        2. Vital Records
        3. Richard Snow: Will, Chancery Suit, Family Chart
        4. (Yet Another) Disputed Election: Orange County, 1741
      22. Mark Stowers: Disposition of his 1763 Land Grant and Picket Shiflett of GA
      23. Ira Howard Via b. 1820 m. 1872 Amanda Jane Shiflett
  4. Of Historical and Human Interest
    1. Historical Interest
      1. Old White Men Now Living in Albemarle County Submitted by Mary Herring
      2. Excerpts from The Olive Branch by Tom Frazier (1840-1918) “Four Years of my Life During the War Between the States” Submitted by Norm Addington
      3. Diary of Thomas Ephiram Shifflet of KY and IL. 1910-1919. Submitted by Cheri Salz.
      4. Letters of Hillory Shifflett written 1861 - 1863 submitted by Kate Forster (see individual listing under Civil War, below)
      5. Points of Fact
        1. Banns, Bonds, and Surety: submitted by Julia Crosswell
        2. County Formations: submitted by Julia Crosswell
        3. Devise, devisee, devisor, etc.
        4. Law of Primogeniture: submitted by Kate Forster
        5. St. Thomas's Parish: submitted by Mary Herring
      6. The Shiflets: Who Are They and Where Did They Come From? submitted by Catherine Shiflett
      7. Siflets and other spelling variations found in the IGI
      8. A Lost Marriage: Winston Shiflet and Mary Hatton 1813 submitted by Julia Crosswell
      9. Excerpts concerning the early 1800's time period from Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose.
    2. Human Interest
      1. A Visit to Frazier Mountain submitted by Kevin Frazier
      2. High Top Copper Mine Explosion 1905 submitted by Larry Shifflett
      3. Patsy Cline submitted by Larry Shifflett
      4. Mission Home, Route 601 by Kay Collins Chretien, submitted by Norm Addington
      5. The Mountain People 1984 submitted by Vicky Hensley, with additions from Karan Raines Callaway
      6. St. Stephen's Mission, Yancey Mills
      7. "The Shifletts Gone" 1857 submitted by Kim Morris
      8. They say we've got Indian blood. . .
    3. Shenandoah
      1. The Herring Letters submitted by Laban West
      2. Parks Creation Changed Lives, 1997 submitted by Laban West
      3. Excerpts and plat from Rockingham Condemnation Proceedings submitted by Cathy Phillips
      4. Information on Known cemeteries within Shenandoah NP submitted by Larry Shifflett
      5. Shenandoah Park Cemeteries submitted by Kim Morris
      6. What the State Paid Greene County Residents: Acres and Dollars, 1993 submitted by Larry Shifflett
    4. Their Culture, Our Heritage
      1. The Bear Hunt submitted by June Mitchell
      2. From White Hall to Bacon Hollow: The George Foss Collection
      3. 1956 Albemarle County Home Demonstration Cookbook submitted by Julia Crosswell
      4. “Life in Shiflet's Hollow” pub. 1899 by Thomas Longstreet Wood; submitted by Larry Shifflett
      5. Tales From Bacon Hollow submitted by Shelly Seay
      6. Valley Life submitted by Ellen Kyger. Permission for use given by author, Billie Joe Monger, 6 Feb. 1999
  5. Primary Sources: General
    1. Excerpts from 2 pages of the 1815 Virginia Landowners Directory for Albemarle County submitted by Tom Lewis.
    2. 1920 Federal Census: Blackwell Precinct submitted by Julia Crosswell
    3. Original Albemarle Co. Patents by Location submitted by Julia Crosswell
    4. Catterton's Store in Orange Co. 1810/18 list of shoppers
    5. Maps
      1. Early Shiflet Locations
      2. Kidd's Creek site of first Shiflet land
      3. Details of Albemarle Co., from the Hotchkiss Map of 1866
      4. Plat of land deed to Lewis Shiflet by heirs
      5. Map of Buck Mountain region.
    6. Place Names submitted by Kim Morris & Larry Shifflett (Frazier Mountain, Shiflet Hollow, etc.)
    7. Extracts from The Plecker Bulletin used with permission from the Melungeon Home Page (need new site address)
    8. Shiflets buried at U.S. Veterans Cemeteries submitted by Bob Klein
  6. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - VA & WV
    1. Shiflet Timeline - short summaries of all early records found to date
      1. 1683 - 1774
      2. 1775 - 1789
      3. 1790 - 1795
      4. 1796 - 1800
    2. Early Shiflet Project Password Protected - if you have submitted info for this project, please e-mail me for an ID and password.
    3. Bible Records
      1. KY: Hasten Tussey and Susan Estill Shifflett Bible
      2. KY/IL: Excerpt from the Thomas E. Shifflet Diary, 1909
      3. VA: The Winston Shifflett New Testament Reader
      4. VA: John T. and Barbara C. Obaugh Shiplet Bible
      5. WV: John Calvin and Emma Jane Cotter Shiflett Bible
    4. Vital Records
      1. Albemarle Co. Death Records submitted by Julia Crosswell
      2. Augusta Co. Death Records from Vol. I and II Death Records submitted by Tom Lewis.
      3. Death Records from mixed counties submitted by Larry Shifflett and Barbara Hensley
      4. Berkeley Co. (WV) Death Records submitted by Anna Gray
      5. Orange Co. Funeral Records submitted by Marie Snow
      6. Rockingham Co. Deaths 1870 - 1894 submitted by Cathy Phillips and Julia Crosswell (includes related families)
      7. Greene County Records submitted by Vicky Hensley
      8. More Greene Co. Births for Shifflett and Morris
      9. Randolph Co. (WV) Births submitted by Kevin Williams
      10. Rockingham Co. Births 1853-1856 (includes related families)
      11. Rockingham Co. Births 1894-1896 (includes related families)
    5. Marriages
      1. States Other Than VA
        1. Georgia: Elbert Co.
        2. Illinois: various counties
        3. Iowa: Muscatine Co.
        4. Kentucky: Madison Co., unknown KY counties
        5. Maryland: Howard Co.
        6. Missouri: DeKalb, Howard, Linn Counties
        7. Ohio: Allen, Shelby, various Counties
        8. Tennessee: Meigs County
        9. West Virginia: Berkeley, Gilmer, Randolph, Ritchie counties
      2. Virginia
        1. Albemarle County
        2. Orange and Greene Counties
        3. Augusta, Berkeley, Fluvanna, Louisa, and Madison, Counties
        4. Harper's Ferry Bridge, Page, Rockbridge, Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties
      3. John Gibson's Greene Co., VA marriage returns of 1840/41 submitted by Larry Shifflett.
    6. Master list of Wills, Estates and Chancery Causes
      1. Analysis & scan of 1791 Will of John Shiftlett Sr. submitted by Larry Shifflett
      2. Wills before 1870
      3. Wills 1870 and later
      4. Chancery Causes
        1. 1833 Sukey Shiflet etc. vs. Bartlett Davis etc. submitted by Wendy Mathias
        2. 1860: Turner Shiflett in his own right and as administrator with the will annexed of John Shiflett dec'd., and Parrott H. Elliott Plaintiffs vs. James Shiflett, John Shiflett & Vina Shiflett & others. Extract submitted by Larry Shifflett
    7. Index to Obituaries & Death Notices found on the Shiflet website
    8. Cemeteries VA/WV
      1. Bacon Hollow Cemetery, Greene
      2. Brown's Cove Cemetery, Albemarle
      3. Buck Mountain Episcopal Church, Earlysville
      4. Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Albemarle
      5. Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Albemarle
      6. Evergreen Cemetery, Rockingham
      7. Free Union Baptist Church, Albemarle
      8. Free Union Cemetery, Albemarle
      9. Gentry Methodist Church, Albemarle
      10. Hensley/Shifflett/Powell Cemetery, Shenandoah Park
      11. Hightop Free Pentecostal Church, Greene
      12. Hillsboro Baptist Church, Albemarle
      13. Holly Memorial Gardens, Charlottesville
      14. Innisfree Village, Albemarle
      15. Ivy Creek Methodist Church, Albemarle
      16. Mitchell-Davis Cemetery, Greene
      17. Monticello Memorial Park, Charlottesville
      18. Mt. Moriah Methodist Church, White Hall
      19. Oakwood Cemetery, Charlottesville
      20. Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond
      21. Old Buck Mountain Church, Albemarle
      22. Old Buck Mountain Church, Cemetery across the road, Albemarle
      23. Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg
      24. Piney Ridge Church of the Brethren, Albemarle
      25. Prize Hill Cemetery, Albemarle
      26. Riverview Cemetery, Charlottesville
      27. Rockgate Cemetery, Crozet
      28. St. John the Baptist Episcopal of Ivy, VA
      29. Shifflett Cemetery, Rockingham
      30. Shifflett's Cemetery, Lynnwood
      31. Shifflett-Lam Cemetery, Greene
      32. Slayton Shifflett Cemetery, Greene
      33. Thomas and Patience Shiflett Cemetery, Albemarle
      34. Tomahawk Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hedgesville, Berkeley Co., WV
      35. Wesley Chapel, Albemarle
      36. Wild Rose Cemetery, Albemarle
      37. Woodson Cemetery, Greene
      38. Shenandoah Park Cemeteries submitted by Kim Morris
      39. Information on Known cemeteries within Shenandoah NP submitted by Larry Shifflett
    9. Taxes and Order Books
      1. *Tax Table showing tithe and land tax lists from Albemarle and Orange from 1725 - 1837
      2. *Tax Table showing tithe and land tax lists from Albemarle and Orange from 1837 - 1880
      3. 1779 Albemarle Co., VA Quit Rents
      4. Albemarle Co., VA, Court Order Book submitted by Chester Johnson
      5. Albemarle Co., VA, Guardian Bonds submitted by Tom Lewis
      6. Albemarle Co., VA, Road Orders submitted by Chester Johnson, Wendy Mathias and Margaret Stavitski
      7. Albemarle Co., Overseers of the Poor book 1786 - 1807 submitted by Chester Johnson
      8. Augusta Co., VA, Court Order Book submitted by Chester Johnson
      9. Augusta Co., VA Personal Property Tax submitted by Larry Shifflett
      10. Greene Co. 1902/3 Poll Tax, (partial) S surnames submitted by Julia Crosswell
      11. Greene County Court Records and accompanying notes submitted by Larry Shifflett
      12. Shifletts in the 1782-1799 Orange Co. Personal Property Tax List submitted by Chester Johnson
      13. Excerpt from Orange County Road Orders
      14. Rockingham Co., VA, Court Orders submitted by Larry Shifflett
    10. Census Records
      1. Shifletts in the 1790 Census submitted by Harry W. Shifflett
      2. 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 Albemarle Census
      3. Excerpts from the 1850 Albemarle Co. Census
      4. Excerpts from the 1900 Albemarle Co. Census submitted by Eugene Powell
      5. 1920 Federal Census: Albemarle Co., Blackwell Precinct submitted by Julia Crosswell
      6. 1920 Federal Census: Albemarle Co., Free Union Precinct submitted by Julia Crosswell (excerpts)
      7. 1920 Federal Census: Albemarle Co., Crozet Precinct submitted by Julia Crosswell (excerpts)
      8. 1820, 1830 Orange Census
      9. 1840 Greene Co. Census (bottom of Orange Co. page)
      10. Excerpts from the 1850 Greene Co. Census
      11. A few families from the 1870 Greene Co. Census
      12. 1880 Greene Co. Census Monroe District, part 1 submitted by Sarah Fezio
      13. 1880 Greene Co. Census Monroe District, part 2 submitted by Sarah Fezio
      14. Excepts: 1810, 1820, 1830 & 1840 Rockingham Co. Census
      15. Excerpts from the 1850 Rockingham Co. Census submitted by Tom Lewis
      16. Excerpts from the 1850 Rockingham Co. Census submitted by Larry Shifflett
      17. Excerpts from the 1870 Rockingham Co. Census - Elk Run Township
      18. Excerpts from the 1870 Rockingham Co. Census - Ashby, Central, Franklin and Port Republic Townships.
      19. Excerpts from the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, & 1850 Augusta Co. Census
      20. Excerpts from the 1860 Augusta Co. Census
      21. Excerpts from the 1840, 1850 Greenbrier Co. Census
      22. Excerpts from the 1850 Shenandoah Co. Census
    11. Deeds
      1. Shiflet Deeds
        1. Master List
        2. Part One 1760 - 1799
        3. Part Two 1800 - 1822
        4. Part Three 1825 - 1830
        5. Part Four 1831 - 1839
        6. Part Five 1841 - 1843
        7. Part Six 1844 - 1868
        8. Part Seven 1871 - 1902
      2. Land Deeds of William Shifflett of Augusta County submitted by Tom Lewis
        1. Part One: 1837 - 1850
        2. Part Two:1850 - 1900
    12. Miscellaneous Records and Notes
      1. Albemarle/Buck Mountain/Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Records submitted by Julia Crosswell
      2. 1914 Harrisonburg Letters to Santa
      3. Christmas in Brown's Cove by George Foss
      4. Albemarle County Notes submitted by Vicky Hensley
      5. Greene County Newspaper articles submitted by Larry Shifflett
      6. Greene Co. Newspaper Articles: Those Hot Blooded Shiffletts submitted by Vicky Hensley and updated by Gina Gibson
      7. Rockingham Co. Newspaper articles by various submitters
      8. Notes from The Descendants of Francis Meadows of Orange & Rockingham Co., Va. by Shirley Seal Breeden submitted by Vicky Hensley
      9. (Yet Another) Disputed Election: Orange County, 1741
      10. Store Registers:
        1. Catterton's Store 1810/18
        2. Acct. of John Shiflet at Jesse Garth's Albemarle Store in 1823
    13. Compilations on Individual Shiflets from VA
      1. John Shiflett Jr. with land plat of Shiflett heirs submitted by Chester Johnson
      2. John Shiflett Sr. submitted by Chester Johnson
  7. Bureau of Land Management Records
  8. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - California
    1. California death records submitted by Talmadge Shifflett
  9. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Georgia
    1. Deed Record Abstracts submitted by Chester Johnson
  10. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Iowa
    1. Iowa Cemeteries
  11. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Illinois
    1. Diary of Thomas Ephiram Shifflet of KY and IL, 1916-1918, submitted by Cheri Salz
    2. Thomas and Anna Hardin Shifflet Bible; transcript found in Thomas Ephiram Shifflet's diary, submitted by Cheri Salz
    3. Illinois Cemeteries submitted by Cheri Salz
      1. Atlanta Cemetery, Logan Co., IL
      2. McClean Cemetery, McLean Co., IL
      3. Park Hill Cemetery, McLean Co., IL
      4. Waynesville Cemetery, DeWitt Co., IL
  12. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Kentucky
    1. Photo of the Shifflet cabin now located in Berea, Madison Co., KY submitted by Norman & Mary Franklin
    2. 1810 thru 1860 Madison Co., KY Census submitted by Cheri Salz
    3. KY Death Index 1911-1986
    4. Hasten Tussey Shifflet Bible submitted by Elizabeth Shifflette Hanna
    5. Excerpt Thomas E. Shifflet Diary, 1909, listing some of the children of Thomas and Patience Shiflett
  13. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Missouri
    1. Missouri Census Records with map
    2. Missouri Land Grants
  14. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family -- North Carolina
    1. N. Carolina death records
  15. Primary Sources: Shiflett Family - North Dakota
    1. 1900 ND census excerpt
  16. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Ohio
    1. Nathaniel & Solomon Shiflet submitted by Ray Fannin
    2. Map showing Shifflet locations
    3. Census Records submitted by Ray Fannin, Kate Forster, & Larry Shifflett
    4. Ohio Ohio Deeds and Grants submitted by Ray Fannin.
    5. Ohio Vital Records submitted by Ray Fannin
    6. Miami Valley Area Records submitted by Julia Crosswell
  17. Primary Sources: Shiflet Family - Tennessee
    1. Shifflets in Tennessee submitted by Julia Crosswell
  18.   War
    1. French and Indian War
      1. Andrew Lewis's Company
      2. Charles Lewis's Company
    2. Revolutionary War
      1. Pension Applications
        1. Blan Shiflett
        2. John Shiflett
        3. Thomas Shiflett
      2. Related Families
        1. John Davis
        2. William Davis
        3. William Fisher
        4. James Haney
        5. James Meadows submitted by Eugene Powell
        6. Absalom Roach
        7. William Wyatt
    3. War of 1812
      1. Virginia Rosters
      2. Additional Rosters-All States
      3. Payrolls and Muster Rolls from LVA
      4. Pay Roll and Muster Roll of Solomon Shiflett submitted by Larry Shifflett
      5. Pension Applications
        1. Charlotte Shifflett, widow of Micajah Shifflett submitted by Larry Shifflett
        2. Eliza Via Shiflet, widow of John Shiflet submitted by Larry Shifflett
        3. Milly Shifflet, widow of Winston Shifflet submitted by Larry Shifflett
        4. Congressional Report on Nathaniel Shiflett's pension submitted by Julia Crosswell
        5. Pollie Shiflett, widow of Bennet Shiflet submitted by Larry Shifflett
    4. The Civil War
      1. Index to all men listed in the Civil War Section
      2. Shifletts Who Fought from AL, GA, MS and TX
      3. Shifletts Who Fought from AR, MD, MO, SC and TN
      4. Shifletts Who Fought from IA, IL, OH, and PA
      5. Shifletts Who Fought from Kentucky submitted by Cheri Salz.
      6. Virginia Confederate Companies
        1. 5th Virginia Regular Infantry
        2. 33rd and 52nd Virginia Regular Infantry
        3. 35th Virginia Battalion Cavalry, Co. F
        4. "Border Guards" Co. D, 46th Virginia Regular Infantry
        5. Other Companies
      7. Rockingham County Virginia Men Who Fought
      8. VA Pensions and Applications from LVA
      9. Index of Pension TX Applications
      10. Union Civil War Union Pension Applications
      11. Hillory Shifflett of the 1st Ohio: Letters Home
      12. “Four Years in my Life During the War Between the States”,
        excerpts from The Olive Branch
      13. William N. Shiflett Service Record
      14. Solomon Shifflet Service Record
      15. Shifletts buried at Elmira, N.Y
  19. References
    1. Powell Family Sources
    2. Shiflet Family Books
    3. Additions and corrections to the book, Shiflet 1700 - 1900

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