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“Let him without confused lineage cast the first disparaging remark.”
                                                            — Larry F. Shifflett 1998

About Our Family Charts
You may print out anything on the site for your own use or for use in a private family history.

But visiting our site or submitting some information does not authorize you to take a chart created from others' submissions and hard work and re-post it on the web, submit it to Rootsweb or Ancestry, or to republish it in any way, shape or form, including republishing it in a Gedcom, PAF or Family Treemaker file on the web. Please be careful when you share your files!

This website works and has become of benefit to ALL Shiflet researchers because people just like you have submitted their family information. When you submit your information to the website, you hold the copyright in that information. The information you have submitted becomes a little piece of the big picture. Each page on this site contains a copyright notice that forbids users from republishing this information. This rule protects you, it protects me, and it assures people that their data is safe on the site. Many researchers have contributed to these lines and THEY hold the copyright in their information, not you. Do not violate their copyright. You are welcome to take the information you had before visiting the site AND YOUR DIRECT LINE GOING UP THE TREE THAT YOU FOUND HERE (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) and publish it on the web -- just don't go back DOWN the tree and collect anyone else.

We Do Not Post Information on Living People

I will respect the copyright of those who submitted these charts
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