The Revolutionary War

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John Davis's Declaration
August 28th, 1832: Age 76; born in Hanover; Col. Francis Taylor's Regiment of the Virginia Line; Major Roberts, Capt. Ambrose Madison who resigned and was succeeded by Capt. James Burton; Lieut. John Goodall; Capt. George Waugh of the Third Regiment.

William Davis' Declaration
September 24th, 1832: Capt. Francis Taylor of the Second Virginia Regiment, First Lieutenant William Taylor, Second Lieut. Francis Cowherd, Col. Alexander Spottswood's Continental Regiment, John Snow of Orange; was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown; age 74.

William Fisher's Declaration
September 24th, 1832: Age 75; born in Essex; in 1780 was substitute for Edmund Daniel; Col. Davis, Col. Richard Campbell, Col. Haws, Thomas Jones of Spottsylvania.

James Haney's Declaration
August 27th, 1832: Age 73; enlisted when 21 under Ensign John Goodall, Capt. Ambrose Madison, Capt. James Burton, Col. Francisco Taylor, Capt. Garland Berkeley.

James Meadows Declaration
Submitted by Eugene Powell
17 September 1832, Rockingham Co., Va. Personally appeared James Meadows a resident of Rockingham Co., Va., aged 72 who made oath in order to obtain a Pension. He states that he was born in Orange Co., Va., and his parents removed to Rockingham when he was a small boy and he has resided in the latter county ever since. He is 72 years of age as he believes but has no record of his age in this county and cannot read writing. That he entered the service of the U.S. about the 2nd or 3rd year after the commencement of the Revolutionary War as well as he recollects; he enlisted in Orange Co., Va., under Capt. Garland Burley & served 2 & 1/2 years in Virginia principally in Albemarle County at the barracks about 6 miles from Charlottesville. For a very short period, he was stationed at Gilberts in Rockingham County, but was marched back again to Albemarle. In April the same year in which Cornwallis was taken, he was discharged at Winchester, Va. He got a written discharge from Col. Taylor which he placed in the hands of Adam Hernsberger for safe keeping who informed him he had lost it. Mr. Hernsberger is since dead. The officers under whom he served were Col. Francis Taylor, Major James Burton, Capt. Garland Burley, Lt. Thomas Porter (afterwards promoted to Capt.), Ensign John Taylor. He further states that in the year 1781 in May as he believes, he substituted for Benjamin Harvey of Rockingham County who was drafted as a Militia man and served a 3 month tour. Was in two engagements during this tour: one at that place called Burnt Chimney as well as he now recolle! cts and the other at Hot Waters and several slight skirmishes. The Officers under whom he served were: Col. John Rush, Capt. George Huston, Lt. Thomas Lewis, and Ensign John Harvey. He was discharged before the surrender of Cornwallis, but got no written discharge. He has no evidence of his service. For proof of his services he relies on the testimony of James Haney who served in the same regiment for 2 years of the listed term of service and was in the same regt. and who will be introduced in Court. He also relies on the affidavit of John Snow herein submitted who served in the same regt. 12 months but who is unable to come to Court from age and infirmity...
REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS - Selected Records from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications Files - Film No. M805-578 - Abstracted from copies of the original claims by June Bork, June 1993: JAMES MEADOWS - No.6783, Of Rockingham Co, Va., who was a Private in the Company of Capt. Birley of the Regt. by Col. Taylor in Virginia Line for 2 years. Inscribed on Roll of Virginia at rate of $80 commencing 4 Mar 1832; Certificate of Pension issued 2 Mar 1833.

Absalom Roach's Declaration
Col. Francis Taylor's Regiment; Major Roberts, Capt. Ambrose Madison, Capt. James Burton; was present at the surrender at Yorktown.

William Wyatts' Declaration, September 24th, 1832: Age 71; Capt. Garland Burnley, Col. Francis Taylor, Capt. Benjamin Johnson, Lieut. Richard White, Col. Holt Richardson, Major Quarles, Capt. May Burton, Col. Thomas Mathews, Col. Innis, John Williams and Richard White served with him; was born April 10th, 1761.

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