The War of 1812

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Kentucky Milita
13th Regiment - Dudley's
Hastin Shiflet

Pennsylvania Vols.
Alexander's Independent Battalion
George Shiflet

Virginia Militia
Detachment of Cavalry
- Virginia Militia
Joshua Grady
Isaham Lane
John T. Pleasants
Winston Shifflett
Winston Shefflett

1 Corps D'Elite - Randolph's John Shiflet
Archibald Pleasants
Frederic Pleasants
Robert Pleasants

1st Regiment
Stapleton Crutchfield's Detachment
John Frazier
Henry Mallory
David Morris
Thomas Shifflet
Thomas Shiflet
Miley Shifflett
Miley Shiflett
Edward Shiflett
Winston Shiflet
James Taylor

1st Regiment - Yancey's James Brockman
Thomas Coleman
Moses Frazier
Price Frazier
Dabnery Morris
John Powell
Archibald Sheflet
Archibald Shiflet
Thomas Shiflett
Thomas Sheflet
James Taylor
Charles Vaughn
Crafford Vaughn
David Vaughn
John Walton

4th Regiment Achilles Hicks
Charles Hicks
William Knight
John B. Lane
John C. Lane
Richard Morris
John W. Pickett
Henry Pleasants
John Powell
Samuel Raines
Abraham Vaughn
Henry Vaughn
James Walton
Joseph W. Walton
Mingum Walton

4th Regiment - Beatty's Frederick Frazier
Benjamin Hicks
Bennet Shiflet
John Shiflet
Lewis Shiflet
Solomon Shiflet

4th Regiment - Greenhill's John Lane
Ishamy Vaughn
Jesse Walton
John Walton

4th Regiment - Washington's John Self
Miley Shiflet

5th Regiment Lewis Davis
William Herron
John D. Morris
John J. Morris
Richard B. Morris
Samuel C. Morris
George Pickett
Uriah Pickett
Henry Pleasants
Thomas E. Pleasants
John Powell
Patrick Raines
John Self
John Shiflet
John Shifflet
Lewis Shifflet
Lewis Shiflet
Linza Shiflet
Miley Shiflet
James Taylor x 6
Jesse Walton
6th Regiment Elisha Herrin
William Herron
Ammon Hicks
Armon Hicks
Benjamin Hicks
Frederick Hicks
James Powell
Benson Raines
Ephriam Raines
Thomas Raines
Burwell Self
John Self
Jack Shiflet
Jack Sheflet
John Sheflet
John Shiflet
Sinclair Sheflet
Sinclair Shiflet
Sinclair Shiflet
James Taylor x 2

6th Regiment - Coleman's George Baugher Aug - Dec 1814
John Baugher Aug 1814
Samuel Baugher Aug - Dec 1814
John Grady Jan - May 1814
Baily Knight Jan - May 1814
Elijah Knight Jan - May 1814
David Morris Aug - Dec 1814
George Rainer Aug - Dec 1814
Absalom Roach Aug - Dec 1814
Achilles Roach Aug - Dec 1814
John Self Aug - Dec 1814
Thomas C. Self Jan - May 1814
John Shiflet Jan - May 1814
Lewis Shiflet Jan - May 1814
Lindsey Shiflet Jan - May 1814
Stephen Shifflet Aug - Dec 1814
John Walton Aug - Dec 1814
John Wiant Aug - Dec 1814 x2

7th Regiment - Gray's Tandy Brockman
Lewis Davis
Charles Hicks
David Hicks
John Lane
Charles Pickett
George Pickett
Abner Pleasants
Henry Pleasants
Reuben Pleasants
Thomas P. Pleasants
Thomas W. Pleasants
Bennet Shiflett
John Shiflett
John Shiflett
Micajah Shiflett
Micajah Shiflett
Nathaniel Shiflett
John Snow
Ison Walton
Jesse R. Walton
John Walton x 2
John F, Walton
Matthew P. Walton

8th Regiment - Wall's Thomas Coleman
Joshua Grady
John Lane
Isaac Pleasants
Lewis Shiflett
John Walton x 2
Thomas Walton

69th Regiment
Isham Lane Jul - Aug 1813

“Be sure you are right, then go ahead.”
                                                    —David Crockett, motto in the War of 1812.

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