Shifflett Family Genealogy

   Special Selections

Civil War Letters of Hillory Shifflet

Fourteen letters written by Hillory Shifflet to his wife, Jemima Cox Shifflet, while serving with the 1st Regiment of Ohio Volunteers (Union).
Time period: Dec. 1861 - Nov. 1863
Submitted by Kate Forster

The Olive Branch by Thomas Frazier

Long excerpt of account published in 1905 and written by Tom Frazier (1840 - 1918), describing his exploits and adventures during the Civil War.
Time period: Civil War
Submitted by Norm Addington

From Whitehall to Bacon Hollow

Songs, stories, and legends from the people who lived along Rt. 810 as recorded by George Foss in the 1930's and 50's. Includes audio files.
Time period: Civil War through 1950.
Submitted by George Foss

Diary of Thomas E. Shifflet of KY & IL

Day to day rural life on a farm just ouside of Waynesville, IL: daily chores, neighbors and kinfolk, clearing fields, pickling cabbage, trips to town, weather reports.
Time period: May 1910 - Feb. 1919
Submitted and transcribed by Cheri Salz

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