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15 Sep 2017

Added to the chart of Hiram Shifflett

4. Dollie Nancy Shifflett b. 10 May 1904 in Greene Co., VA, d. 11 Jan 1973 in Prince George's Co., MD, M(1) 20 Jan 1920 in Washington, D.C. to Robert D. Breeden, m(2) Russel Simono Hedrick b. 11 oct 1904, d. 24 Nov 1967, Both Buried: Baltimore National Cemetery, Baltimore City, MD
         Issue with Robert D. Breeden
         5. Herbert Davis Breeden b. 30 apr 1921, d. 20 apr 1974, m. Ethel Unknown, b. 1929, d. 1988, Buried: Trinity Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Waldorf, Charles Co., MD.  Herbert and Ethel had 11 children

Shifflett Obits:
Nora Faye (Shifflet) Thacker, Jan 1976
Virginia Ream Shiflett, Sep 2017
Vada Marie Shiflett, Mar 2017
Michele Ann Shifflett, Sep 2017
Marjorie Shifflett May, Sep 2017
Dollie Nancy Shifflett Hetrick, Jan 1973
David Alan Shifflett, Sep 2017

Delilah Shiflet Petree, Feb 2005
David RolandShiflet Sr. Jul 2003
Ruth Christine Shiflet, Sep 2017
Russell David Shifflett, Jan 2017
Elline Gertrude Stanley Shifflett, Seb 2017
James William Shiflett, Sr., Sep 2017
Nadine Shiflet Williams, Sep 2017  Wife of jack Brown Williams & Mother of Alan Gregory Williams
Sandra Faye Collier Shifflett, Sep 2017
Betty Jo Brown Shiflet, May 1995
Pamela Ann Shiflet Yates, Sep 2017
Jimmy Leroy Shiflett, Sr., Sep 2017
Kenneth Leroy Shiflet, Aug 2017
Annie Elizabeth Shifflett Lawson, Aug 2017

Morris Obits
Ola Jane Morris, Aug 2017

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Jason Robert Garrison, Aug 2017

Gladys Mae Knight Miller, Aug 2017

Lemuel V. Thacker, Apr 1968
Lowell J. Thacker, Jun 2004
Daniel Earl Cason, Aug 2017
Helen Elizabeth (Boyne) Almarode, Aug 2017

Alan Gregory Williams, Aug 2006
Jack Brown Williams, May 2007

William Lee Herring Sr., Aug 2017

Merriweather L. Snow, Jul 1960

11 Aug 2017

Added pictures of Elmer Leroy Shiflet and wife Margaret Jane Elizabeth Humphrey and 3 Generations:Elmer Clarence Shiflett, Elmer Leroy Shiflet and William Shiflett
 to the Hasten Tussey Shifflet chart

Also updated the chart with:

7. Elmer Clarence Shiflet, b. 20 Sep 1900 in MO, d. 9 Feb 1976 in Warren, Macomb Co., MI, M. abt 1920 to Dola May McGuire b. 28 Feb 1901 in Hancock, MO,d. 1 Feb 1981 in Springfield, Henry Co., MO, Both Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co., MO

8. Elmer Leroy Shiflet, b. 29 Jul 1922 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO, d. 4 Mar 2002 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI m. 12 Sep 1942 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI to Margaret Jane Elizabeth Humphrey, b. 7 Nov 1924 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, d. 31 Aug 2011 in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI

 Submitted by Dawn Johnson
Death certificate for   Shiflet, Mary Elizabeth Lowman  Listed on Death Certificate as Mrs. J. W. Shiflet [Joseph William Shiflet]

Shifflett Obits:
Mallory Shiflett, Dec 1972
Frances Lorraine Shifflett Ridgely, Dec 2013
Mary Lou Ann Shiflet Strickland, Apr 2013
McKinley Shifflett, Jun 1982
Helen Katherine Crawford-Hawley-White, Jun 2017
Hubert Morrow Shifflett, Jul 2017
Joyce Ann Shiflett Taylor, Jul 2017
James Calvin Shiflet, , Aug 2002
June L. Counts Shiflett, Feb 1986
Virgil Shifflet,  Jan 1991
William L. Shifflet, Apr 1986
Carl E. Shifflett, Nov. 1983
Donald W. Shifflett, Jan 1989
Grover C. Shifflett Feb 1989
Larnell (Ronald) Shifflett, Aug 1975
Frankie Roberta Shiflett Elder, Jul 2017
Henry Donald Shifflett, Sr., Jul 2017
Joyce Rose Wade Shifflett, Jan 2015
Arthur Welmon Shifflett, May 2017
Scott Allen Shifflett, Aug 2017
Leo Alexander Shiflett Jr., Aug 2017
Hattie Shiflett, Oct 1931

Helen Snow Dickerson, Aug 2017

Roy Rudolph Hensley, Aug. 2017

Morris Obits
Robert Howard Morris, Jul 2017

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Lester M. Garrison, Jun 2017
Martha Ella Crawford Garrison, Aug 2017

Marvin Lester Ridgely, Jr., Jul. 2017
Evelene Loretta Cubbage Cunningham, Jul 2017
William Albert Elder, Jan 2011
Chaz Gallegos, JUl 2017
Carolyn Faye Haney Oliver, Aug 2017

17 Jul 2017

Added pictures to the Washington Shiflett chart submitted by Sandra Shifflett, James Arthur Shiflett, Bertie Taylor Shiflett and Susan Sarh Lam Taylor

Shifflett Obits:

Peggy Joyce Watson Shifflett,  May 2017
Patricia A. Shifflet Morris, Jun 2017
Patty L. Gumbert, Shifflet, Jun 2017
Mary Frances McCauley Shifflett, Apr 2013
Melma  Shifflett Conley, Jun 2017
Ollie Glenwood Shiflett, Nov 2013
Kelly L. Shiflett, May 2017
Erik Carl Shifflett, Jun 2017
Donna M. Shifflett Huddleston Pollard, Jun 2017
Robert Willkiam Shifflett, Jun 2017
Helen Katherine Shifflett Crawford-Hawley-White, Jun 2017
Lola Mae Shiflet Kirkland, Jun 2017
Garnett Shifflett, Jun 2017
Stephen Robert Shiflett, Jun 2017
Thelma Kyger Shifflett, Jun 2017
Juanita Faye Shifflett Sowers, Jun 2017
Jean Mitts Shiflet LaFleur, Jul 2017
Nancy Alice Shifflett Kampe, Oct 2001
Christopher  Lee Shifflett, Jul 2017
Alice Carolyn Shiflet Pitts, Jul 2017

Morris Obits
Silena Knight Morris, Jun 2017
Kathleen Mays Morris, May 2017
Roy Howard Morris, Jun 2017
Stanley Leigh Morris, Jun 2017
Sandra Gail Thacker Morris, Jun 2017
Earl Martin Morris, Jul 2017
James Wilbert Morris, Jr., Jul 2017
James Wilbert Morris, Sr., Jun 2015

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Marshall Kenneth Powell, Jun 2017

David Arnold Dean, Jun 2017


Denise Sprouse, Jun 2017

Estelle Allen McCray Clore, May 2010
Jens B. Edwards, Jan 1989
Arthur Guy Naill Jr., May 2012


Mildred Collier, Jun 2017
Elizabeth Ann Collier McVey, Jun 2017

Arnel Wayne Breeden, Jun 2017

23 May 2017

Shifflett Obits:
Robert Edward Shiflett, Mar 2017
Jhnell Virginia Stewart Shifflett, Mar 2017
Joseph R. Shifflett Jr, Apr 2017
John Lee Shifflett Sr, Apr 2017
Russell Herbert Shifflett, May 2017
Randall Cliff Shiflett, May 2017
Rosa Lee W. Shiflett, Apr 2017
Helen Mae Shiflett Cassidy, May 2017
Katherine Lanier Hancock Shiflet, Mar 2017
Loretta Shifflet Saville, Apr 2017
Luddie L. Shifflett Collier, Sep 1993
Loretta Frances Scheider Shifflett, Apr 2017
Lisa Hawley Shifflett, Apr 2017
Edith "Nicole" Shifflett Collier, Mar 2017
Edward R. Shiflett, Apr 2017
Elizabeth Marie Shifflett Meadows, May 2017
Elizabeth Ann Shifflett, May 2017
Virginia Elizabeth Shiflett, Apr 2017
Irvin P. Shiflett, Jan 2014
Virgie Robinson Shifflett Collier, May 2017
William Lee Shiflet, Jr. May 2017
Deborah D. Shiflet Carhart,, May 2017
Paige Renee Shiflett Elliott, May 2017
Donald Wayne Shifflett Sr., May 2017

Ruth Rinearson Curtis, Apr 2017
James Taylor Araujo, Apr 2017
LeRoy H. Madsen, Apr 2017


Otis Lee Collier, Apr 2017

Morris Obits
Frances Morris Beasley, Apr 2017

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Ruby Mae Deane Knight, May 2017

Lois Marie Roach Dean, Apr 2017

Emma McDaniel Frazier, May 2017

Betty Jean Lam Phillips, Apr 2017

Earl Monroe Sullivan, Sr., Apr 2017


3 April  2017

Shifflett Obits:
Elaine Shifflett Ball Lane, Feb 2017
Debra Lynn Shiflett Olshaw, Feb 2017
Christina F. Shiflet Baio, Feb 2017
Avis Shifflett Simmers, Feb 2017
Junior Lee Shifflett, Feb 2017
William Edward Shifflett, Feb 2017
Loretta Shifflett McDaniel, Feb 2017
Joan Shiflett Hester, Feb 2017
Edgar Don Shiflet, Mar 2017
Curtis Edward Shifflett, Mar 2017
Robert Josiah Shiflett, Mar 2017
Pamela Lee Shifflet Collins, Mar 2017
Patricia Jean Shifflett Morris, Mar 2017
Violet Shifflett Braun, Mar 2017
Anne Shiflet West, Mar 2017
Dwanna Louise Shifflett Rouse, Mar 2017
Rhoda Rae Shifflett Lambert, Mar 2017
Chellie Pearl Shifflett Polonitza, Mar 2017
Melvin Carroll Shifflett, Mar 2017
Mary Ann Shiflett, Mar 2017
Georgia Selena Shifflett Marshall, Jun 2016

Darrell L. Howell, Feb 2017
Kenton T. Holsinger Jr., Mar 2017
Kenneth Ray Linhoss Sr., May 2009
Charles Conrad Linhoss, Jul 2015
Jeremy Clifton Rouse, Nov 2013
Shirley Anne Wagoner Ellington,  Mar 2017
Edward Stanley Shoemaker, Mar 2017

Morris Obits
Theodore Lebert Morris, Feb 2017
Gregory Scott Morris, Mar 2017
Thelma Louise Roach Morris, Mar 2017

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Curtis Brown Dean, Mar 2017

Herman Lee Haney Jr., Mar 2017

Roger D. Lamb, Feb 2017

Louetta Lynn (Hardaway) Shiplet, who wrote "The Descendants of Finch Shiplet" (1802-1858) and has a copyright on it dated 1997 and in the Library of Congress, spent 22 years of traveling to many states - to libraries, courthouses, churches, and visited families still living on Shiplet land - compiling her book of over 300 pages with copies of pictures and documents. She contributed various pieces of information seen on this website.  Anyone interested in her family information can contact her at   Visit the Finch Shiplet line within the Stephen Shiflett Chart

04 Feb 2017

Shifflett Obits:
Leighton Jared Shifflett, Jan 2017
Leola Ann Shifflett Morris, Jan 2017
Raymond Oliver Shifflett, Jan 2017
Ruth Virginia Shiflett, Jan 2017
Richard Todd Shifflett, Jan 2017
Earl Clayton Shifflett Sr, Jan 2017
Phyllis C. Shifflett, Jan 2017
Nellie Sue Shifflett, , Jan 2017
Veronica I. Shifflett,, Jan 2017
Brenda L. Foore Shiflett, Jan 2017
Martha Carol Shiflet, Feb 2017
Odell I. Shifflett Hostetter Grubb, Nov 2016
James Nelson Shiflett, Dc 2016
Clarence William Shifflett, Sr., Jan 2017
Gladys Christine Shiflet Fleming, Jan 2017
Jean Deloris Shifflett, Jan 2017
James Melhorn Shifflett, Jan 2017
Billy David Shiflett, Jan 2017
Marie Shifflett Conley, Oct 2015

Bessie Irene Ayers, Jan 2017
Jimmie Lambert Jr., Jul 2013
Robert Francis Mergen, Oct 2013
Hallie McAllister Stone, Jan 2017
Francis Marion "Frank" Proffitt, Dec 2016
Ashton Lee Kingrea Sr., Jan 2017
Kenneth Arnold Allen, Jan 2017
Joseph Wesley Seale, Jan 2017
Lewis Wayne Collier, Jan 2017

Morris Obits
Donald Lee Morris, Jan 2017
Ellen Marie Roach Morris, Jan 2017
Wallace Andrew Morris, Aug 2014

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Knight, Knighten, Knighton
Elwood Elmer Knighton, Jan 2017

Clarence Gibson, Jan 2017

Roger Dale Hensley, Jan 2017

Jeanette Elizabeth Morris Lam, Jan 2017

2 Jan

Shifflett Obits:
Michael Terrence Shiflet, Nov 2016
Rosalyn Violet Shiflett Kirby, Aug 2007  See husband Albert's obit below
Grace Shiflett McCollum, Feb 1971  See son Robert's obit below
Jarvis Dean Shiflett Edson, Nov 2016
Garland L. Shifflet, Jun 2013
Mary E. Denise Shifflett Gilletl, Dec 2016
Nancy Jo Shifflett Fowler, Dec 2016
Polly Ann Shifflett, Dec 2016
Eric Scott Shifflett, Dec 2016
Mary Jane Shifflett, Dec 2016
Joan Marie Shiflet, Dec 2016
Viola Shifflett Pulliam, Feb 2012
Irvine Shifflett, Nov 1895  (no typo her it really is an obit from 1895)
Gertie Thomas Morris Shifflett, Dec 2016
Mary Gloria Shiflett, Dec 2016
Chad Edward Shifflett, Dec 2016
Timothy Lee Shifflett, Dec 2016
Ruth Battis Shiflet, Dec 2016
Debra R. Benshoff Shifflett, Dec 2016
Stanley Lee Shifflett, Dec 2016

Morris Obits
Elsie Lois Morris Wood, Nov 2016
Gerald Anthony Morris, Dec 2016

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Alma Walton Gibson, Nov 2016
Carroll Wayne Gibson, Mar 2011

Thurman Kannie Williams, Sr. Nov 2015
Norman Edward Williams, Nov 2016

James Robert Raines, Nov 2016


Louin "Tommy" Monroe Deane, Nov 2016

Minnie Lucille Lam Ridenour Heestand, Mar 2015
Doris Marie Lam Goetz, Dec 2016
Elmer Davis Lamb, Dec 2016

Albert Judson Kirby, Oct 2000
Robert H. McCollum, May 1975
James Denver Hansbrough, Nov 2016
Hilda M. Riffle, Dec 2016
Blevin W. Taylor, Mar 2011
Gruver B. Taylor, Sep 2008


Edna Irene Garrison, Nov 2016

Henry S. Via, Jan 2017

Letha Conley Roach, Nov 2016
Roy Keith Conley. Dec 2016

15 Nov 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Robert Lee Shifflett, Oct 2016
Earl F. Shiflet, Jul 2011
Thora Shiflett Smith, Oct 2016
Teresa Ellen Shifflett, Oct, 2016
Jayne Thomas Shiflett, Oct 2016
Brent Linnell Shiflett, Oct. 2016
Kathleen Glover Shiflet Gilmer, Oct 2016
Cassandra Paige Shifflett Smith, Oct 2016
Sonja Sue Shiflet, Oct, 2016
Mary Elizabeth Walker Shifflett, Oct 2016
Jackie Beale Shifflett, Oct 2016
Everett J. Shifflett, Oct 1972
Lorraine Shifflett, Dec 1956
Stella Louise Shifflett, Nov 2016
Thomas A. Shifflet, Mar 2013
Joghn Paul Shifflett, Oct 2016
Rosa Lee Shifflett, Sep 1993
Clyde David Shiflett Nov 2016
Clota Marie Shiflet Fisher, Nov 2016
Nancy C. Shiflet Stevenson, Nov 2016
Brenda Sue Mize Shifflett, Nov 2016
Michael Allen Shifflett, Apr 2011
Emory Lee Shiflett Jr., Nov 2016
Patsy Ruth Burney Shifflett Bryant, Nov 2016

Morris Obits
Wellman N. Morris, Sep 2016
Alton Monroe Morris II, Oct 2016

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Christopher Lee Mowbray, Ocvt 2016

Hope Elaine Wilcher Woods, Jul 2012
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Ruby Herring Sharpe, Jul 2010
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Lowell Dierking, Apr 2013
Montie Ray Rogers, Oct 2016
Clifton Patrick Cook Sr., Oct 2016
Ruby Hall King, Oct 2016
Jesse Lee Sharpe, Jan 2012
Ruby Herring Sharpe, Jul 2010
James Fury Partain, May 1966
Ouida Louise Herring Partain, Jan 2005


Buddy W. Baugher, Feb 2016

Louise Rebecca Morris Kyger, Oct 2016

Shirley Jo Conley Barton, Feb 2015

Jackson Marshall Raines Sr., Nov 2016

23 Sep 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Audie Mae Shiflet, May 2016
Ashley Lizabeth Shifflett, Mar 2016
Kathleen Geer ShifflettHagee, Aug 2016
George William Shifflet, Aug 2016
Gilbert Ray Shifflett, Aug 2016
Helen Shifflet Hadaway, Aug 2016
James Lee Shifflett, Aug 2016
Ruby Virginia Shifflett Carver, Aug 2016
Ethel June Shiflet Carver, Aug 2016
Max Richard Shifflett, Dec 2011
Monica Mary Shiflet, Sep 2016
Margaret L. Shifflett Bowman, Sep 2016
Leonard Nelson Shifflett, Aug 2016
Lydia Johanna (Gallinot) Shifflett, Sep 2016
Susan Ruth Croyl Shiflett, Sep 2016
Nina Frances Shifflett Beddow, Sep 2016
Thurston Thomas Shiflett, Sep 2016
Sarah E. Shifflett, Apr 2011
Etta Louise Shiflet Quinn, SEp 2016

Morris Obits
Gyvia Pearl Snow Morris, Jan 2012
Julie L. Morris, Sep 2016
Doris Evelyn Morris, Sep 2016
Marguerite Morris Dean, Sep 2016

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Barbara Ellen Frazier Bruce, Apr 1939

Homer Lee Frazier, Aug 2016

Eugene Larick Eppard, Aug 2016

David A. McDermott, Aug 2016


Vern "Odell" Crawford, Aug 2016

Herbert  McDaniel, Sep 2016

6 Aug 2016

Added death certificate for Nancy Shiflett d/o Adam Lincus (Lineas) Shiflett and Caroline Cally Shiflett

Shifflett Obits:
Genevie Shifflett, Jul 2016
James Everette Shifflett, Jul 2016
Jesse E. Shifflett, Aug 2016
Aaron Emanual Shiflet, Jul 2016
Magdalene  C. Shifflett Cockrell, Jul 2016
Mary Frances Shifflett Gessford, Jul 2016
Carrie Ellen Shiflett, Jul 2016
Dustin Ryan Shiflett, Aug 2016
Tony Todd Shiflett, Mar 1972

Morris Obits
Michael Wayne Morris, Jan 2014

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Stuart Eugene "Gene" Tutwiler, Jul 2016


Debbie Sue Kyger Huffman, Jul 2016

Carroll H. Lamb, Jun 2016
Archie Leon Lam, Jul 2016

Frank W. Powell, Jul 2016
Mildred S. Powell, Jul 2016

3 Jul 2016

Updated the chart of Elizabeth Shifflett and Calus Roach

Added a deed in Albemarle County, Virginia, dated, 5 Oct 1813 between Richard Shiflett and Bennet Shiflett on the Richard Shiflett chart

Shifflett Obits:
Joan Marie Sullivan Shifflett, May 2016
William Shiflett, Mar 1922
Doris Leona Shifflett, May 2016
Phyllis Ann Shifflett Shaver, May 2016
Patrick Andrew Shifflett, Jun 2016
Betty Jean Shifflett Marshall, Jan 2015
Barbara Ann Shifflett Miller, Jun 2016
Larry Gene Sipe, Sr., Jun 2016
Orvin Lee Shiflett, May 2016
Leon K. Shiflett, May 2016
Ronald Howard Shiflett, Sep 2015
Roy Lee Shifflett, Jun 2016
Shirley Ann Shifflett, Jun 2016
Coriene Bryson Shifflett, Jun 2016
Eda Louise Shifflett Doran Jan 2016
Mary Elizabeth Davis Shifflett, Jun 2016
Kenas Lee Shifflett, Jun 2016
Nadine Linney Shifflett, Feb 2016

Morris Obits
Theresa Lee Morris Kent, Jun 2016
Emily Mae Morris Eppard, JUn 2016

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Grover Cleveland Beasley, May 2016

Ellis Elwood Samuels, Jul 2015
Joseph Grayson Workman Jr., Jun 2016
Samuel Arthur Spahr, Jun 2016


Lillian Mavis Collier, Jun 2016

Glenn Alvin Crawford, May 2016

Vivian Dayle Eppard Lam, May 2016

Dora Rena Powell, May 2016

Robin Snow Wood, May 2016

Rue Ownby Roach, May 2016

22 May 2016

*** submitted by Rosette Cupp

Shifflett Obits:
Keziah Shiflett Bateman. Jul 1904 ***
Emma Shifflett Oliver, Dec 1917 ***
Pleasant Shiflett, Sep 1925 ***
Mabel Frances Litten Shifflett, May 1989 ***
Annabelle Shifflett Crowe, Mar 1996 ***
Benjamin Simon David Shifflett, Feb 1907 ***
Margie Taylor Shifflett, Jan. 1931 ***
Laura Bell Randolph Shifflett, Feb. 1940
Margaret Lucille Shifflett, May 2016
Nellie Frances Shifflett Hohnke, Sep 1989
Madeline Shifflett Blose, May 2016
Jody Wayne Shifflett, May 2016

Morris Obits
Carl Edward Morris, Apr 1972 ***
Richard Wayne Morris, May 2011
Owen Ashby Morris, May 2016
Juanita Lucille Monger Morris, Sep 1999

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Henry Frank Bateman, Mar 1915  ***
Keziah Shiflett Bateman. Jul 1904  ***
Lucy Bateman Johnson, Feb 1938  ***
William Homer Alger, Jan 1962  ***
William Homer Alger Jr., Dec 2009  ***
Elsie Offenbacker Ora Alger, Jan 1973  ***
Ruby Alger Jenkins, Mar 2008  ***
Sarah C. Wise Armentrout, Mar 1979  ***
George Kenny (Dave) Armentrout, Apr 1962  ***
George Cleveland Armentrout, Nov 1990  ***
Harry Dillmon Armentrout, Nov 1993  ***
James Henry "John" Armentrout, Apr 1989  ***
Dale Allen Back, Aug 2015  ***
Donald Walter Mace, Aug 2015  ***
Graves Cecil "Mutt" Harrison, Jan 1982  ***
Lucy Wise Showalter, Apr 1987  ***
Newman Carl Oliver, Dec 1930  ***
Edna Virginia Oliver, Mar 1986  ***
Lester Edgar Oliver, Feb 1972  ***
Edna Armentrout Harrison, Jun 2004  ***
John Lewis Kagey, Sep 1991 ***
Allen Doane Tusing, Apr 1995 ***
Hellen Jean Thomas Coon, May 2016
Ernest Brown Crowe, Jul 1960
Glen William Richards, May 2015
Pamela Ann Doyle Stuples, May 2016


Molay  Collier, May 2016

Wendell Wilki Crawford, May 2016

Lawrence Garry Williams, Sep 2005 ***

Evelyn Louise Dean Wyant, May 2016

Linda Lou Sites Roach, May 2016

9 May 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Betty Jo Moyers Shiflet, Apr 2016
Ora Mae Shifflett, Apr 2016
Brenda Shifflet Lewis, Apr 2016
Mary A. Shifflett-Dailey, Apr 2016
Roger Wayne Shifflett, Apr 2016
Dorothy Frances Shifflett Walton, Apr 2016
Margaret Marie Shifflett,  May 2016
Terry Ray Shifflett, May 2016
Patricia Carol Shifflett, May 2016

Morris Obits
Barbara Beasley Morris, Apr 2016
Carroll Wesley Glover Sr, Nov 2008

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Keith Allen Rosenberry, Jul 2015 Grandson of Lyle E. & Mary Kathleen Shifflett Beatty
James Edwin Shirkey Sr., Apr 2016
Anne Christine Holbrook Wynne, Apr 2016
Julian Howell Pentecost, May 2012
Mary E. Holbrook Pentecost, Nov 2011
William "Anthony" Branham, Apr 2016
Lonnie Wycliffe Branham, May 2015
Calvin Richard Humphries, may 2005
Darrell Waltzy Jones Jr., Apr 2004
Jeanne Marie Menefee, Dec 2013

Ataune Mareta Hammer Marshall, Jun 2013

12 Apr 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Mary Frances Shiflet Peterson, Mar 2016  see her husband's obit below

Morris Obits
Mary Frances Morris, Apr 2016

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Ronald Stuart Dodson Apr 2014
William Delbert Edwards, Feb 2013
Glen Elwood Early, Feb 2015
John Rodney Peterson, May 2009
Emma Jean Cartwright Hixson, Mar 2016
Martha Donham Andrews Singletown, Jul 2015
Thomas L. Brookover, Nov 2004
Dawn Renee Clark Hasty, Apr 2016

Helen Beatrice Dean, Apr 2016

Herman Lee Via, Sep 2015

Marie Elizabeth Frazier Brookover, Mar 1969
Ruby Pauline Frazier Donham, Feb 2015

Pauline Josie Wood Hall, Apr 2016

Mary Marie Hensley Monger, May 1930

Ora Jasper Shiplett, Dec 1928
Margaret Ellen Shiplett, Jun 1067

Ida Conley Sacre, Apr 2016

24 Mar 2016

Added Death certificate for John O. Shifflett  provided by Susan Luchs

Updated the chart for Bland and Vina Shiflett for the Harrison Martin Shiflet family

Added pictures to the Harrison Martin Shiflet Gallery

Updated the chart of Thomas Shifflett and Elizabeth Lamb of KY and VA

Added death certificates for Bertly McAlister and his wife Rebecca Jane Shiflett McAlister

Shifflett Obits:
Pearl Bell Kampe Shifflett, Jan 1971
Lewis "Lee" Shifflett, Oct 2014
James Edward Shifflett, Mar 2016
Clarris May Shifflett, Mar 2016
Inez Shiflett-Pritchard, Mar 2016
Frederick "Fred" Neve Shifflett, Mar 2016

Morris Obits
Joseph Randolph Morris, Mar. 2016
James Aubrey Morris, Mar 2016

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Janet Alford Maupin, Feb 2015
Robert Wyler Maupin, Jun 2014
Russell Lee "Rusty" Beatty, Jun 2010
Raymond E. Zellers, Dec 2007
Sharon Sue Brown Wright, Mar 2002
Karen Gale Brown Bailey, Sep 2013
David Lee  Bailey, Dec 2019  Husband of Karen
Doris Herrion Gallihugh, Nov. 2011
Mary "Pauline" Collier Dorrier, Mar 2016
John Robert Dorrier, Jan 2016
Allen Franklin Birckhead, Mar 2016
Georgella Florence Shiflett Davis, Jan 1942 submitted by Tony Lawson

Ruby Virginia Davis Grant, Jun 2015
Imogene Davis Kesterson, Aug 2003
Sarah Elizabeth Davis Monger, Jan 1939
Julia Annie Wyant Davis, Mar 1947 submitted by Tony Lawson
Herbert Linwood Davis, Jun 2014

Patricia Ann Beasley Dean, Mar 2016
Gabriel Ryan "Gabe" Deane, Sep 2007

Vera Jean Meadows Good, Vov 2013
Emmit William Good, Jan 2011

Carrie Cecil Via Humphries, Feb 2000

Viola Lucille Bruce Frazier, Oct 2010

Mearle Knight Connell, Mar 2016

Vernon A. Lawson, Jul 2000 submitted by Tony Lawson
Ronald Isaac Lawson, Mar 1996 submitted by Tony Lawson
George Alfred Lawson, Mar 1958 submitted by Tony Lawson
Rosia Elmer Lawson, Mar 1947 submitted by Tony Lawson

William Leroy Roach, Mar 2016

6 Mar 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Thomas Edward Shiflett, Sep 1950
Samuel David Shiflett, Feb 2016
Mary Evelyn Soule Shiflett, Jun 1990
Rose Evans Shifflett Ingram, Jun 2014
Rebecca Estes Shifflett, Mar 2016
Carl Turner Shifflett, Feb 2016
Gail M. Bender Shifflett, Feb 2016
John Thomas Shifflett, Sep 1944
Jennie H. Shiflet Clower, Mar 1948
Jean Shifflett Lindell, Mar 2016
Lloyd Ray Shifflett, Mar 2016

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Raymond Carroll Conley, Feb 2016

Timothy Allen Meadows, Sr., Mar 2016

Arthur Benjamin Frazier, Mar 2016

Deborah Gail Bailey, Jun 2014

18 Feb 2016

Walter Woodrow Shiplett, Feb 2016

Shifflett Obits:
Charles  Herbert Shifflett, Jan 2016
Constance J. Shifflett Cochran, Feb 2016  see her husband below
Betty Louise Shifflett, Jan 2016
Bernard  A. Shifflett, Jr., Jan 2016
Lila Cleveland Turner Shifflett, Jul 1997
Linda Sue Shiflett Hodge, Oct 2013  see hur husband below
Jacqueline Lee Shifflett, Feb 2016
Mae E. Shiflett,  Jan 2016
Eugene L. Shiflett, Jr., Dec 2015
Mary Lou Grimsley Shifflett, Feb 2016

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Walter Woodrow Shiplett, Feb 2016

Betty Crawford Pence, Jan 2016

Kenneth Clifford Collier, Jan 2016
Clarence Louin Collier, Jan 2016

Gladys Margaret Breeden, Jan 2016

Larry Wayne Mowbray Sr., 58, Feb 2016

Daniel Joe Cochran, Sr. Oct 2014
Alfred Edlow Proffitt, May 2014
Richard Thomas Hodge, Dec 2010
Clifton P. Wilson-Karr Jr., Jan 2016
Donald Milton Eaton, Jul 2006


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