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Details of Albemarle County, from the Hotchkiss Map of 1866; submitted by Dr. Christopher N. Sheap

Early Shiflet Locations (10K)

Land deeded to Lewis Shiflett by John Shiflett's heirs. (10k)

Map of the Buck Mountain Region, and a second one south to Charlottesville, including comments re: land deeds. Large maps (130k), at 600 dpi, so even if they are fuzzy on your monitor and take a while to download, they should print very well.

Point of Fact
Brief submissions on areas of historical interest
  1. Banns, Bonds, and Surety: submitted by Julia Crosswell
  2. County Formations: submitted by Julia Crosswell
  3. Devise, devisee, devisor, etc.
  4. Law of Primogeniture: submitted by Kate Forster
  5. St. Thomas's Parish: submitted by Mary Herring


The Dean Family

The Dean Mountain Story
by Gloria Dean 1982
Submitted by Leon Via
The photo on the front of the book is of the Dean Mountain Sunday School. It can be purchased through The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club at 1718 N Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036. I bought the book on Skyline Drive last summer at the Park gift shop store. They have many good books about the mountain people including the Via's. The first reference to the Shiflett's is in Chapter 2 page 17. "Their land was north of the Hensley's and of Tom Shiflett, who had settled on Saddleback Mountain the year before, and south of the Breedens and Meadows, who had lived on the mountain for three generations."

Second Reference P.18-19
"Then all was changed by a tragedy resulting from a visit of Jeremiah, Jimmy's oldest boy, to the neighboring Shifflett home. Physical games were the favorites of the robust young mountain men, and Jeremiah and the Shifflett brothers became invovled in a tug-of-war. But the friendly game got out of hand when Jeremiah overcame three of the Shifflett boys and they called for reinforcements. Their brothers joined in and decided a good scorching would show their rival who the victors were. Jeremiah placed both hands on the livingroom mantle to brace himself, but when the Shiffletts began to pick him up, he grabbed a skinning knife that lay within easy reach, and with one steady swing, the game was over and a Shifflett lay dead. Not waiting for the brothers' shock to pass, Jeremiah broke for home."
The story goes on to tell about what happened in the aftermath of the tragedy. There are references to Delia Shifflett p.24, and pictures at the end of the book.


Powell Family:

submitted by Roger A. Powell
The Powell Families of Virginia and the South
Rev. Fr. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, Easley, S.C., 1982.

The Antecedents of Richard Powell of Amherst Co.,Va.
M.W.(Mrs. Philip) Hiden, Tyler's Quarterly Magazine, Volume 30, 1948, pp. 49-66.


Shifflett Family:

Shiflet References
Louisa County Historical Society Magazine

Shifflett, Sonny V24:12 Cabinet Makers of Louisa County
Shifflett, Ben V16:83 NO. 2 Genealogical Notes
Shiflet, Mary V21-1:94 Mineral Town Minutes
Shiflett, John A. V21-1:89 Churches of Mineral, Virginia
----Mary Brooks V26:101 No. 2 The Village of Fredericks Hall
----Mary (Timberlake) V13:44 The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary
Shiflette, John A. V13:44 No. 1 The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary
If anyone tracks down the above articles, please contact me at

Of Time and Place: A Shifflett-Morris Saga
by Anne Frysinger Shifflet, PhD, 2002.
Submitted by Anne Frysinger Shifflet
The 18th and 19th century history of Virginia set the stage on which the Shifflett, Morris, Lawson, Frazier, Herring and other ancestors of Ambrose W. Shifflett and his wife Laura Belle Morris were key actors. Prevailing attitudes in the early 20th century led to the creation of Shenandoah National Park and the family's forced exodus from the Blue Ridge. Quotations from deeds, wills, and other government records provide glimpses of fascinating real people. A family history with much more than names and dates! Hard cover, 8" x 10", 172 pages, 50 maps and illustrations, everyname index. $29 includes postage and handling. Order from:

Dr. Anne F. Shifflet
1491 Virginia Ave., Apt. 406
Harrisonburg, VA 22802-2433

The Shiflett Family or The Thomas Shifflet Family of KY
Compiled by Edith Wilkinson Jameson (Mrs. Leonard E.) and Printed by Helen Thompson Weidel (Mrs. Ralph E.) July 1965.
Outlines the desendants of Thomas Shifflet and Elizabeth Lamb. Thomas was born in Albemarle County, son of Thomas and Patience Shiflett, but moved to KY with his family. The early chapters of this book, if I remember correctly, repeat the error that this Thomas was born in France. This book may be available at your library or through Interlibrary Loan.

Shiflet (and variant spellings) 1700 - 1900.
Extracted and compiled by L.F. Shifflett and Barbara Shifflett Hensely. 1995.
This book is not a genealogy. It is an extraction and compilation of records the authors found in Virginia concerning the Shiflet family. The authors never intended to include every record, but tried to give researchers clues on where to look for further information. The book is divided into three sections: 1700 - 1750 which includes a summary of the information available regarding John and Joice Shiflet, Stephen and Elizabeth Shiflet, and "Howard Shiflet and Others". 1750 - 1800 includes summaries of the information available on those Shiflets the authors describe as "second generation" Shifletts. The third section, 1800 - 1900 is an alphabetical listing of Shiflet information found from birth, death, marriage and census records. The listing is divided into two sections, one for females; one for males. The book also includes the following: 6 maps, a section on the Thomas Shiflett and Elizabeth Lamb branch of the family (alphabetized like the 1800 - 1900 above), a listing of Shiflets that served in various wars, and a list of corrections. This book is out of stock and no longer available.

See also: Additions and Corrections to this book submitted by researchers.

The Shiflets of Georgia
by Marteal Wells.
The book covers the the families of Picket Shiflet/Lucretia Powell and Powell Shiflet/Catherine McMullen. These two men moved to Georgia from Virginia. Some of their descendants later moved to Texas. My sources are the Federal Census Records from 1820 through 1920 in both Georgia and Texas, as well as Arkansas. Also, the Confederate Pension Applications, Civil War Records, LDS Church data, and various individuals from these families. It has 283 pages and is available from:

Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street
Post Office 778
Salem, Massachusetts 01970
Phone: 508/745-7170
FAX: 508/745-8025

Stephen Shifflett of High Top Farm, in Rockingham County: His Descendants and Story.
Compiled by Barbara Shifflett Hensley and L.F. Shifflett. 1998.
If this is your Shifflett line, then you're in luck! This book consists of the following sections:
  1. a history of Stephen Shiflet, his war service and land transactions including a map showing the location of his land;
  2. descendancy charts and additional information on each of his children,
  3. transcript of the chancery suit,
  4. two indices: one for Shiflets and one for everyone else,
  5. and lots of photos.
Because the authors were able to find a chancery suit filed early in the 20th century naming the heirs of Stephen Shifflett, I don't think they missed much with this work. Many of Stephen's children's descendants are listed down to the 4th or 5th generations. The exceptions are Fannie who m. Frank Williams and Pemberton who m. Nancy Broyles. Both of these families left the area prior to Stephen's death, and the authors were unable to track down any descendants. Information on these two children is from census records, vital records and the chancery suit.

The crowning masterpiece of this work, however, is the 127 identified photos the authors were able to collect from the descendants. These photos are printed on gloss paper and are of high quality; the photos alone make this book a bargain. This book is available for purchase from the authors, for $45 which includes shipping and handling. Mail order to: Larry F. Shifflett, P.O. Box 491, Grottoes, Va., 24441

Shiflett vs. Shiflett, A Greene County, Virginia, Chancery Cause 1860-1879.
Compiled by L.F. Shifflett and Barbara Shifflett Hensely. 1996.
This is a compilation of the primary source records of the court case concerning the estate settlement of Stephen Palmer Shiflett, son of Bland Shiflett and his wife Vina. Stephen Palmer Shiflet died intestate, without spouse or children. The authors include copies of the original court documents along with typed transcriptions of important ones. The authors conclude the primary source section with their deductions as to who the children and grandchildren of Bland and Vina were. Available for purchase from Barbara Shifflett Hensley, address listed above or Larry F. Shifflett, P.O. Box 491, Grottoes, Va., 24441. Price $8. I do not know if this includes shipping and handling.


The Via Family

The Brethren in Virginia: This History of the Church of the Brethren in Virginia
pub. by The Committe for Brethren History in Virginia, Harrisonburg, VA 1973

The Taking of Via Mountain
by Robert A. Yingst, 1997
This book details the fight of Robert Henry Via, son of Christopher Columbus Via and great-grandson of John and Betsy Campbell Shiflett, against the state of Virginia and their attempt to acquire Via Mountain near Brown's Gap for Shenandoah Park. Contrary to the official story that all the land was worthless, stoney, and "played out" by overfarming, the Via family ran a thriving apple orchard on their mountain at the headwaters of Moormans River. The fruit and brandy they produced were sold as far away as England. Robert Via took his fight the whole way to the U.S. Supreme Court. If you find books about Shenandoah's " hidden past" fascinating or enjoy reading about the history of this area, you will also find this book of interest. Fair warning: this book made me very angry at the government. 132 pages, including 9 color photos. Following is an excerpt from the book:
Though Skyline Drive reveals great vistas, in an odd way, it seems to hide the treasure of the cultures which inhabited its mountainous terrain for hundreds of years. With effort, evidence of the implements of the hunt and the fight to cultivate the soil, even implements of war can still be found in this area now aset aside as a National Park. Ghostly reminders of peoples long since gone from these mountains appear in the form of foundations where homes once stood and forgotten gravestones barely accessible except to the most determined.
Robert Yingst has made the text of this book available online at the Via Family Website: The Taking of Via Mountain

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