Is your Shiflet marriage here? If not, please submit it. We collect information on ALL Shiflets, not just those in VA. Information in parentheses is differing information from a second source, and usually reflects the difference in dates between the time a marriage bond was issued, the date the marriage was performed and/or the date of the minister's return of the bond or license.



George S. Shiflett m. Ada A. Evans 12 Apr 1894
Ida Shiflett m. J.M. Page 14 Sep 1890
John W. Shiflett m. Sarah H. Crawford 8 Jan 1857
Nancy Shiflett m. Lewis W. McCurley 13 May 1852
W.O. Shiflett m. E.H. Herring 18 Jan 1887

FLOYD CO. - Brides
Lucinda Shipley m. James Bryant 20 Jan 1856
Lucinda Shiflett m. Ambrose Dollar 22 Dec 1864 NOTE from Bob Klein: Lucinda is actually a Dean; she married David Shiflett on Feb 7, 1837 in Albemarle Co., then married Ambrose Dollar on Dec. 26, 1864 in Floyd Co.; Lucinda's parents were James Thornton Dean and Susannah Harness and she was born Aug. 5, 1820 Rockingham Co., VA
Susan C. Shiflett m. Ambrose Dollar 22 Dec 1869
Phelecia Shiflett m. R.F. Jones 31 Aug 1870
Martha L. Shipley m. James Web 21 Oct 1860



Sarah M. Shiplett m. Adlebert Stoner 16 Jul 1887

Louisa Shiflet m. Samuel G. Wilcox 27 May 1854

Robert H. Shiflet m. Lucinda C. Curvey, 3 Dec 1868

Eliza Jane Shiplett m. Arod Hagland 11 Aug 1846
Mary E. Shiplet m. Hamilton Jones 27 May 1847

Ina Sheflet m. Adoph Bierbroot 21 Sep 1891
S.C. Shiflett m. L.D. Wilson 23 May 1869

Harriet Shiplet m. Johnathan Harman 7 Nov 1860

David Shiflett m. Effie Right (Write) 22 Sep 1895
Joel Shiflett m. Sylvia (Anna V) Roberts 12 Mar 1895
Sarah F. Shiflett (Mrs.) m. James Wolfrey 9 Jun 1877
Thomas Shiflet m. Agnes Cook 14 Aug 1881

Jacob Shiflett m. Mrs. Margaret Matingly 18 Feb 1855

Ethel Shiflett m. Thomas E. Callahan 24 Aug 1904

Charles H. Shiplett m. Mary E. Babbit 3 Jul 1892

Ella Shiflett m. Alexander Rhino 5 Sep 1890

Alice Shiplet m. Philip S. Smith 8 Mar 1894

LOGAN CO. - extract

Submitted by Joe Scott
Illinois State Board of Health
Groom: Joseph William Scott
Residence: Atlanta, ILLs,
Occupation: Teacher
Age next birthday: 26 years Color: White Race: Caucasian
Place of birth: McConnelsville, Morgan Co., Ohio
Father's name: R.M. Scott
Mother's maiden name: Elizabeth W. Gray
Full name of bride: Georgia Ann Shifflet
Residence: Atlanta, Ills.
Age next birthday: 21 years, Color: white, Race: Caucasian
Place of birth: Richmond, Madison Co., Ky.
Father's name: J.O. Shifflet
Mother's maiden name: Sarah F. Alexander
Number of bride's marriage: One
Married at Atlanta in the County of Logan and State of Illinois, the 12th day of February 1885
Witnesses to marriage: M.G. Shifflet, S.A. McConnel
Atlanta, Ills. Feb. 12th, 1885
We hereby certity that the information above given is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.
Joseph W. Scott (Groom)
Gorgie A. Shifflet (Bride)
I hereby certify that the above is a correct return of a Marriage solemnized by me.
L.G. Thompson
Atlanta, Ills.
Dated at: Atlanta, Ills. 12th day of February 1885



Carrie Shiflett m. Jesse Bryant 03 Apr 1894
Maggie Shiflett m. John T. Blair 21 Oct 1873
W. T. Shiflett m. Louisa Windall 13 Jun 1867



GROOMS 1813 - 1874

Allen Shiflett m. Nancy Cooper Sep 7, 1837
Clifton Shiflett m. Margaret Roberts Mar 10, 1856
Dudley Shiflett m. Taborida Becknell 9 Dec 1834
Fountain Shiflett m. Rebecca Coyle [sister of Davis Coyle, listed below] Jan 31, 1832
Fountain Shifflet m. Fanny Crutcher Apr 7, 1870
Hardin Shiflett m. Elizabeth Bryant Jan 10, 1813
Harlin (Hasten) Shiflett m. Susannah Estill Jan 17, 1811
Irvine Shifflet m. Mary Francis Vivian Oct 8, 1867
Joshua Shifflet m. Eliza Kinnard Jul 6, 1865
Joshua F. Shiflet m. Unity A. Harris Mar 16 1863
Joshua Shiflett m. Margaret H. Maupin June 30, 1814
Overton Shiflett m. Sarah Frances Alexander Aug 9, 1855
Thomas Shiflett m. Anna Hardin May 19, 1830
Thomas Shifflet m. Polly Lakes Aug 26 1872
Thomas Shiflett m. Elizabeth Orchard Jan 25 1859
William H. Shifflet m. Mary Elizabeth Cox Feb 18, 1874

BRIDES 1813 - 1876

Arilda Shiflett m. Alexander Orchard Aug 29, 1856
Arilda Shiflett m. John Osborn Aug 29, 1856
Biddy Shifflet m. Nathaniel Kindred Dec 25, 1869
Eliza Shiflett m. Eli Pearson Mar 17, 1816
Elizabeth Shiflett m. Bazel Baker Mar 18, 1832
Elizabeth Shiflett m. Eli Pearson Mar 17, 1836
Elizabeth Jane Shifflet m. James P. Wilson Dec 16, 1875
Hannah Ann Shiflett m. Alfred Foot Dec 15 1857
Jacintha Shifflett m. Hasting Foot Feb 23, 1858
Jael Shifflet m. John T. Hunter Jul 20, 1858
Jane Shiflett m. Hiram Baker June 12, 1823
Margaret Shifflet m. ---- Hughes Nov 28, 1843
Margaret Shifflet m. Alvin Hunter Jan 1, 1855
Mrs. Martha Shiflett m. John Horine Dec 24, 1855
Mary Shifflet m. Stephen J. Gum Aug 3, 1869
Mary Ann Shiflett m. William Ruble May 18, 1842
Matilda Shiflett m. Davis Coyle [s/o Thomas (b. 1753 NC, d. 1814 Madison Co.) and Hanna Davis (b. Rowan Co. NC, d. 1806 Madison Co., KY) Coyle] May 6, 1819
Mildred Jane Shifflet m. Joshua Ruble Apr 6, 1865
Polly Shiflett m. Dabney Maupin Apr 17, 1817
Sallie Shiflett m. W. B. Cass Dec 22, 1876
Sarah Shifflet m. Martin M. Todd Dec 14, 1863
Serena Shiflett m. James Benge June 27, 1839
Serena Shiflett m. William Benge Dec 19, 1854; surety: Thomas Shiflett (father)
Susan Shiflett m. Levi Orchard May 10 1830
Susan M. Shiflett m. James Rufus Parke Dec 19, 1876

From Dennis Adams, m. bond of Serena Shiflet and Wm. Benge:

m. bond



Marriage records from the Howard Co. Court House in Ellicott City, MD
Submitted by Bob Klein

In Howard Co., MD, men under 21 and women under 18 had to have the consent of a parent to get married the only exception would be if the girl was pregnant and had it verified by a doctor.

S=Single, D=Divorced, W=Widow or Widower, City, State=Birth Place

Hagerstown was a place were young people could get married right away and did not need proof of age or consent from their parents, so some people decided to adjust their ages anyway just in case. Unfortunately we were unable to record all the Shiffletts because they turned out the lights and asked us to leave. The following pages contained Shifflett marriages that we will have to get on the next trip. The years for these are approximately 1917 through 1920. 23676, 24582, 24577, 25183, 26035, 26550, 26566, 26720, 27149, 27110, 27895, 28660, 28959, 29089, 29289, 29421,29833

S=Single, D=Divorced, W=Widow or Widower, City, State= Residence or Birth Place

Number listed after date is the page number where marriage record is found
Birth dates were included when recorded, however, there werenÕt many





Shifflett, Colby m. Dungan, Katharine 01 Sep 1850


Shiflett, Coalby m. Benge, Peggy 28 Aug 1834
Shiflett, Susan m. Hines, Abram 06 Apr 1837
Shiflett, Wallis m. Standley, Nancy 05 Aug 1838
Shiflett, Thomas m. Hines, Ale 23 Jul 1839
Shiflett, Daniel m. Bradley, Sarah 31 Jul 1844


Shiflet, Eliza m. Barbee, Washington 26 Mar 1846
Shiflett, Haiston T. m. Foore, Poling F. 20 Dec 1849
Shifflett, Fountan m. Fore, Ann 19 Jul 1847

Missouri marriages submitted by Melinda Wallace



 Marriage Date


Cylus Shifflet

Nettie Petty

2 Sept 1884

Boone, Missouri

Eliza Shifflett

Smith C. Drew

29 April 1869

Chariton, Missouri

Amanda Shifflett

John Solomon

4 Jan 1880

Chariton, Missouri

Margaret Shiflet

John Weber

28 Oct 1862

Cooper, Missouri

Colby Shifflett

Katharine Dungan

1 Sept 1850

DeKalb, Missouri

Ocie O Shifflett

William P Dick

19 Dec 1897

Gentry, Missouri

Charlotte R Shiflet

Richard F Keith

18 Aug 1869

Grundy, Missouri

Colby Shifflett

Margaret Peggy Berge

28 Aug 1834

Howard, Missouri

Susan Shiflett

Abram Himes

6 Apr 1837

Howard, Missouri

Wallace Shiflet

Nancy Standly

5 Aug 1838

Howard, Missouri

Daniel Shiflett

Sarah Bradley

30 July 1844

Howard, Missouri

Sarah Shifflett

Enoch Spry

22 Jan 1863

Howard, Missouri

Dulcenia Shiflett

William Young

22 July 1866

Howard, Missouri

Missouri Shiflet

James W Jerrell

24 Feb 1878

Howard, Missouri

Louisay Shiflett

John Lusby

23 Dec 1880

Howard, Missouri

Dora Shiflett

William Besgrove

25 Dec 1882

Howard, Missouri

Henry Shiflett

Mollie Lusby

5 June 1884

Howard, Missouri

Mollie Shiflett

George M Camden

9 Aug 1885

Howard, Missouri

Mary E Shiflett

James Tharp

13 June 1858

Linn, Missouri

Colbey Shifflet

Gincy Young

8 July 1860

Linn, Missouri

Wallace Shiflett

Zentha Ann Young

17 March 1861

Linn, Missouri

Abraham Hines Shifflet

Susan Jane Pearman

6 Oct 1861

Linn, Missouri

Jesse H Shiflett

Nancy Jane Worlow

7 Jan 1863

Linn, Missouri

Ritta Shifflett

Madison Bolts

9 April 1865

Linn, Missouri

Adam Woods Shifflett

Mary J Prather

20 June 1866

Linn, Missouri

Susan E Sifflet

George S Brakey

24 Mar 1867

Linn, Missouri

Susan Shiflet

Samuel Thorn

1 Jan 1871

Linn, Missouri

Alexander Nixon Shifflet

Mary C Gibson

21 Dec 1873

Linn, Missouri

Arteley F Shiflet

William P T Yount

12 Oct 1875

Linn, Missouri

Louis Kossuth Shifflet

Eliza Jane Hatfield

27 Sept 1877

Linn, Missouri

J.M. Shifflett

Nancy J Shifflett

30 Jun 1881

Linn, Missouri

Adam Woods Shifflett

Messinah Salle

7 Sept 1882

Linn, Missouri

Charles L Shifflett

Mary E Brown

15 Oct 1885

Linn, Missouri

Fountain Shifflett

Sarah Jane Miles

12 Feb 1872

Macon, Missouri

Frederand J Shiflett

Susan F Ashby

14 Feb 1882

Monroe, Missouri

Ann Shiftet

Joel Ballard

10 July 1870

Putnam, Missouri

Commodore Hasting Shifflett

Alice Elliott

18 Jan 1880

Putnam, Missouri

Anthony Hines Shiflett

Mary M Hines

26 Sept 1871

Saline, Missouri

Ann Eliza Shiplett

Thomas H Barbee

16 Jan 1880

Sullivan, Missouri

Rosa Shiflett

James B Fear

21 June 1883

Sullivan, Missouri




Jefferson to Mary Brackney 4/29/1840


Archibald Shiflet m. Rebecca J. Bugg 25 Dec 1851
Archibald Shiflett m. Jemima Foster 28 Mar 1861
Charles Shiflett m. Melissa Halley 27 Apr 1888
*Emily Shipley m. George R. Glenn 5 Sep 1865
*Eliza Shiplety m. George Brumfield 8 Oct 1871
Fannie Shiflett m. Wamsley, James 17 May 1898
James Shiflet m. Mary Bonecutter 31 Mar 1877
James Shiflett m. Samaria Clemmens 14 Sep 1886
Jemima E. Shiflet m. James C. Willis 5 Mar 1865
John Shiflett m. Ella Neal 22 Oct 1883
Katie Shiflett m. James Rulan 17 Sep 1896
Marcus D. Shiflet m. Helen Burk 04 Jul 1898
Mary E. Shiflett m. John A. Claunch 28 Mar 1861
*Rachel I Shipley m. Peter Massie 16 Oct 1860
Rebecca Shifflett m. John Fulton 11 Feb 1898
Samuel Shiflet m. Eliza Morrow 12 Jul 1877
Sarah Shiftlet m. Robert E. Morrow 20 June 1876
*Talbot Shipley m. Ruth Watson 4 Oct 1900
*may not be Shiflets

Elijah Shiflet m. Sarah Dunbar 14 Jun 1863
Elizabeth Shiflet m. Michael Barret 14 Jul 1857
Harrison Shiflet m. Rebecca J. Lively 14 Dec 1862
Henry Shiflet m. Shifley, Almenia 8 Jun 1854
John T. Shiflet m. Ellen Nance 7 Jul 1857
Levi Shifflet m. Permelia Thacker 24 Jul 1860
Lucina Shifflet m. John Weeklin 1 Sep 1859
William P. Shiflet m. Mary E. Dunbar 25 Jun 1863


Kate A. Shiflet, Kate m. Auckerman, Horace T. 1893 Lic#19829


submitted by Cyndi Simpkins

*Alma Shipley m. James Weakly 22 May 1851
Avery Shiplet m. Elizabeth Robinson 4 Aug 1859 by. J. Frazer
Catherine Shiplett m. John Robertson 7 Jan 1858 by A. Brooks
Ephraim Shiplet m. Manda Hughes 7 Jan 1861 by J.P. Egan, J.P.
Delaney Shiplet m. Rebecca Jefers 11 Jun 1857 by J. Carr, J.P.
Camden B. Shipley m. ElizaAnn Dell 24 Jun1851
Dosbe Shiplett m. Henry Brown 4 Oct 1847
Elizabeth Shipley m. Thomas J. Chapman 21 Sep 1865 by. A. Huston, M.E.C.
*Esther Shipley m. William H. Jenkins 18 Jul 1851
Eveline Shiplett m. Henson Cockerell 16 Aug 1834
George C. Shiplett m. Emma Morten 23 Feb 1865 by G. West MG
Grafton Shipley m. Sarah E Cathriel 15 Mar 1857
Henry Shipley m. Margaret Reed 23 Oct 1855
James Shiflett m. Caroline Bowman 8 Aug 1867 by C.D. Battelle
Keziah m. James Dollings 15 Aug1829
Keziah m. James Wilcox 15 Oct 1839
Lemetta A. Shiplet m. William Harman 3 Nov 1859 by H. Dick, J.P
Lucinda Shiplett m. Gabriel Cockerell 5 Mar1835
*Margaret Shipley m. William E. Henderson 21 Jun 1853
Mary Shiflett m. Samuel Painter 1868
Nelson Shiplett m. Amy Hughes 7 Jun 1857 by D. Sherrard
Roland Shiplet to Elizabeth Franklin June 27 1830
Thomas Shipley m. Mary Woodruff 9 Nov 1864
Vanburen R Shipley m. Mary Virginia Delaney 31 Dec 1861
William F. Shiplett m. Lucy E. Martin 2 Nov 1863 by H. Dick, J.P.


James A Shiplett to Martha Dollings in 1866
Charles Shiplett to Sarah Dollings in 1866
William F Shiplet to Mary E Nichols in 1896
Emmett R Shiplett to Effie D Ansel in 1899


William M. Shiflet m. Rachel Preble Barnhart 1854





Myrtle Shifflett Russell Bennet Arthur 1 Jan 1911 Love County, OK



Shiflet, Mary Ann marr. COFER, Joseph on 28-JUL-1842
Shiflett, Nancy J marr. COFER, John on 30-JUL-1845



Bettie Shifflett m. J. H. Gibson 30 Dec 1878


Gertrude Shifflett m. George McCormick 12 May 1892
L.K. Shifflett m. Julia Payne Shifflett (or Shifflett Payne?) 26 Nov 1885
Frank Shifflett m. Emma Evans 17 Dec 1893


Lucy Shiflett m. Isaac Pendleton 25 Feb 1874

Texas marriages submitted by Melinda Wallace

L G Shiflett

Leonora Boggus

24 May 1923

Bexar, Texas

C Shiflett

Margrete Manning

22 July 1869

Bosque, Texas

A A Shifflette

I E Aldridge

13 May 1886

Bosque, Texas

Margaret Shifflette

Martin Hogue

21 Oct 1886

Bosque, Texas

G H Shifflett

Nettie Lacy

20 Nov 1895

Burnet, Texas

Alfred Shifflett

Regina Goeth

8 April 1933

Burnet, Texas

Mary S Shifflett

Joe D Thompson

1 Sept 1934

Burnet, Texas

Frances Sybil Shiflett

Jurald G Watts

6 June 1948

Callahan, Texas

Sarah E Shiflett

H F Duke

17 June 1865

Collin, Texas

Herman Lorenzo Shiflett

Fannie Jones

25 April 1891

Cooke, Texas

Herman Lorenzo Shiflett

Frances B Jones

25 April 1891

Cooke, Texas

Naomi Gertrude Shiflett

Charles Earnest Preston

26 Nov 1905

Cooke, Texas

E M Shiflet

Cliffie Sloan

11 Nov 1913

Cooke, Texas

James Marion Shiflet

Buna Barrow

16 Aug 1916

Cooke, Texas

Eppie Shiplet

John W Fletcher

7 Aug 1919

Cooke, Texas

O L Shiftlett

Bernys Baker

18 Dec 1919

Cooke, Texas

Virgil Shiflett

Lacy Blasingame

30 March 1926

Cooke, Texas

Hazel Shiflet

Johnny West

28 July 1935

Cooke, Texas

Colby Shifflett

Sarah Carden

6 Aug 1867

Coryell Co, Texas

Mattie Belle shifflette

Wade H Bartlett

20 June 1915

Dawson, Texas

Zella Shifflette

C E Perry

20 June 1917

Dawson, Texas

Ida Lorena Shifflitte

Joe Clifton Moore

29 Oct 1919

Dawson, Texas

Louisa Shifflett

William T Canon

26 Dec 1876

Denton, Texas

Louis Kossuth Shifflett

Julia Payne

26 Nov 1885

Denton, Texas

Gertrude America Ann Shifflett

George McCormick

12 May 1892

Denton, Texas

Frank Shifflett

Emma Evans

17 Dec 1893

Denton, Texas

R A Shifflet

Margie Ruth Burns

5 Aug 1949

Ector, Texas

Hazel Sifleet

Jefferson Sanders

5 March 1919

El Paso, Texas

Emma Shifflet

Andrew Chiles

15 Feb 1896

Fannin, Texas

Maude shiffield

W L Veach

19 June 1904

Fannin, Texas

Susan R Shifflett

George w Carter

22 Feb 1877

Grayson co, Texas

Arnelia Joan Shiflett

Philip J Saunders

26 Jan 1877

Grayson, Texas

Sarah Shiflet

G W Renfrow

2 Oct 1901

Grayson, Texas

J C Shiflet

Sarah Jane Lafoy

20 March 1902

Grayson, Texas

W J Shiflet

Myrtle Renfroe

10 Aug 1902

Grayson, Texas

Martha P Shiflet

W D Renfroe

9 Dec 1903

Grayson, Texas

John P Shifflet

Rosa Gray

24 Dec 1905

Grayson, Texas

J C Shiflet

Mrs. C D Holder

8 Aug 1907

Grayson, Texas

Charley Shiflet

Lillie Renfroe

24 May 1908

Grayson, Texas

Ethel Shiflet

G L Phillips

7 July 1909

Grayson, Texas

Rilla M. Shiflet

J L Buckuer

23 June 1887

Henderson, Texas

J W Shiflet

Mrs. S.J. Little

26 Sept 1895

Henderson, Texas

Charlie E Shiflet

Lillie Renfroe

24 May 1908

Hopkins, Texas

Lee Shiflit

Willie Willinghand

9 Oct 1892

Houston, Texas

Willie Shiflett

W A Shelton

1 Aug 1901

Houston, Texas

Lizzie Shifflett

V L Coatney

28 Aug 1910

Houston, Texas

J S shiflett

Edith Patton

4 May 1904

Jefferson, Texas

Wendell N shiflett

Velia Berrera

21 June 1947

Jim Wells, Texas

Mattie Shifflett

W J Wiggins

4 Dec 1889

Lamar, Texas

Lettie Shiflett

Joel Miles

20 Feb 1898

Madison, Texas

Dulcina shifflett

W E Caughran

19 Dec 1924

Milam Co, Texas

Mary Frances (Fannie) Shiflett

Alexander H Vaughn

24 Dec 1905

Montague, Texas

Lee Kossuth Shiflett

Eva Jewell Preston

3 Nov 1912

Montague, Texas

Mary Frances Shifflet Vaughn

William Robert Williams

28 Apr 1922

Montague, Texas

L D Shifflett

Mollie Sinclair

13 Sept 1905

Red River, Texas

Dave Shifflett

Ola Ward

6 June 1916

Tom Greene, Texas

Myrtle Shifflett Arthur

Hugh Wilburn Corcoran

27 Mar 1947

Valley View, Texas

Bernice Shiflett

Fuller Keown

9 May 1918

Wise, Texas



Submitted by Anna Gray


Rebecca A. Shiflett m. Francis M. Snider 27 Dec 1871
Jacob Shiflett m. Nancy M. Conrad 27 Apr 1887
Clarissa Shifflet m. Leonidas Moyers 18 Dec 1887
John C. Shifflet m. Rosa D. Stutler 1 Mar 1894
Austian Shifflet m. Margaret Moore 26 Aug 1894
Gay Shifflet m. George F. Davis 4 Apr 1895
Cora Shifflet m. John G. Heckert 6 Jun 1897
Effie Shifflet m. Charles A. Rollins 20 Aug 1899


Absalom Shiflett m. Nancy Currence 6 Apr 1886
Archibald Shiflett m. Eliza J. Mccauley 9 Aug 1881
Bruce Shiflett m. Lillie Gay Wiseman 15 Mar 1899
Elam B. Shiflett m. Flora E. Halderman 4 Apr 1881
Elem B. Shiflett m. Sarah A. Thomas 29 Jul 1875
Elizabeth M. Shifflet m. Squire B. Kittle 19 May 1868
Eugene H. Shiflett m. Rachel M. Westfall 28 Apr 1886
Florence M. Shiflett m. D. H. Cutlip 22 Apr 1886
Frances Shiflett m. David H. Arbogast 20 Oct 1881
George A. Shiflett m. Martha Herron 3 Jan 1893
George N. Shiftlett m. Martha Mccaulley 3 Jan 1893
Hannah M. Shiflett m. Simeon F. Davis 4 Jan 1876
Lenora Shiflett m. Frederick A. Easle 5 Mar 1885
Louisa Shiflett m. Henry Shrieve 11 Oct 1870
Minerva J. Shiflett m. Emmett Crawford 22 May 1882
Nimrod Shiflett m. Barbara E. Shoemaker 5 Jun 1870
Simeon Shiflett m. Martha Ann Herren 11 Jun 1872
Lafayett L. Shiflett m. Nancy C. Lothry 19 May 1875
Mary H. Shiflett m. Aristides Lloyd 9 Aug 1877


Probably incomplete?
John Shiflett m. Jane Hinzeman 27 May 1883

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