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Orange County Funeral Home Records
submitted by: Marie Snow

Leonard Morris Son of James Morris and Sadie Shifflett died May 30, 1929 at Home born 1845 Greene Co. Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Henry Wise Shifflett Son of Wise Shifflett died July 26, 1930 at Joe Colvin's Home born 1882 Greene Co. Va. buried Evergreen Church Cem.

Charlie Crawford Son of Robert Crawford and Sallie Shifflett died Dec. 1, 1931 born 1883

Henretta Powell Daughter of Edd Morris and Rebecca Shifflett died Jan. 17, 1934 at Home buried Family Cem. Ruckersville, Va. Married Jack Powell

Baby Shifflett buried Aug.21,1934 No other Info on this Child

Mrs. W. B. Moore daughter of Elias Trainum And Lusetta Shifflett died Oct. 22, 1935 at Home born 1873 Married William E. Moore buried Maplewood Cem.

George Newman Shifflett Jr.Son of George Newman Shifflett Sr. and Nora C. Dean died Oct. 6,1938 at Home Born July 24, 1938 buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Sallie Conley Daughter of John and Sinney Shifflett died Feb.15,1944 at Barb. Va. born Jan. 5,1889 Greene Co. Va. Married Edgar Conley buried Maplewood Cem.

Baby Shifflett Child of William Henry Shifflett and Cardie Morris died Sept. 22,1945 born Sept. 22,1945 buried Family Cem. Greene Co.Va.

Mary Jane Shifflett Daughter of Hiram Rogers and Millie Williams died June 12, 1946 at Home born 1863 Rockingham Co. Va. Married Layton Nim Shifflett buried Knights Chapel

Elizie Edward Shifflett Son of George Shifflett and Bettie Lewis Edwards died Dec. 2, 1946 at Shorty Breeden's Home born 1888 Greene Co.Va. buried Winnie Morris Home Place

Mattie Shifflett Daughter of Harden Lamb and Matilda Lamb died Mar. 4, 1949 at UVa. Hosp.born 1882 Rockingham, Co. Va. Married Alex Shifflett buried Knights Chapel

Diana Fay Shifflett Daughter of Carl W. Shifflett and Julia M. Walker died July 20, 1949 at UVa. Hosp. born Jan. 25,1948 Char.Va.

Sarah Elizabeth McDaniel Daughter of Albert and Peggy Shifflett died Nov.14, 1952 at UVa. Hosp. born Mar. 29, 1878 Greene Co.Va. Married Robert McDaniel buried Union Grove Church Cem.

George Monroe Deane Son of Wesley Deane and Delilah Shifflett died Jan.11, 1953 at Barb.Va. born Oct. 29, 1865 Greene Co. Va. Married Sarah Catherine Haney buried Maplewood Cem.

Tommy Watson Son of Frank Watson and Virginia Shifflett died May 11, 1955 at Western State Hosp. born Aug.10, 1916 Alber. Co. Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Betty Jane Shifflett Daughter of Harold Clifford Shifflett and Angesta Branham died May 7, 1957 at Staunton, Va. born Sept. 18, 1946 Fred. Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Newton Guy Williams Son of Gratton Williams And Loy Raney Conley died July 22, 1959 at Louisa,Va. Married Mattie Ola Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem.

Nora Dean Shifflett Daughter of Samuel Dean and Julia Ann Sullivan died Dec. 30, 1959 at Home born Apr. 12,1919 Greene Co. Va. Married George Newman Shifflett buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb,Va.

Mamie Collier Daughter of Boggie Collier and Angeline Shifflett died Feb.18, 1961 at Gord. Hosp. born Sept.18, 1903 Greene Co. Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Thornton Morris Son of Alfred Morris and Fannie Banjo died May 11, 1961 at UVa. Hosp. born Jan. 10, 1888 Married Elnora Shifflett buried Cedar Grove Church Cem.

Archie Allen Riner Son of Robert Riner and Mildred Shifflett died Dec. 9, 1964 at Gord. Hosp. born Aug. 2,1875 Louisa, Va. Married Cora Brown buried Family Cem. Louisa, Va.

Lillie Florence Shifflett Daughter of Berryman Breeden amd Louise Morris died June 15, 1965 at Home born July 3, 1882 Greene Co.Va. Married Rufus Andrew Shifflett buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Mary Wood Daughter of Samuel Shifflett and Elizabeth Roach died Aug. 25, 1966 at Louisa,Va. born May 2, 1885 Rockingham,Va. Married 1st. Husb. Henry W. Shifflett and 2nd. Husb. Elzie Wood buried Evergreen Church of the Brethern Dyke, Va.

Bertha Ola Shifflett Daughter of Zach Conley and Emma Morris died Jan.18, 1967 at Western State Hosp. born Mar. 15,1892 Greene Co. Va. Married Josh Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem.

Herbert Warren Branham Son of George Branham and Louisa Shifflett died June 23, 1967 at Home born Mar. 20, 1899 Greene Co. Va. Married Mamie Viola Lamb

Willie Lee Lawson Son of George Andrew Lawson and Bessie Lawson died Apr. 6, 1968 at Home Ehearts ,Va. born Apr. 14, 1920 Greene Co. Va. Married Dorothy Shifflett buried Memorial Gardens Char,Va.

William Henry Lamb Son of Waller Lamb and Lucy Edwards Died July 20, 1968 at Gord.Hosp. born June 23, 1905 Greene Co. Va. Married Nettie P. Shifflett buried Holly Memorial Gardens

James Shifflett Son of James Ashby Shifflett and Sina Mae Collier died Feb.16, 1969 at Earlysville, Va. born May 29,1942 Greene Co. Va. Married Cecelia Marie Morris buried Family Cem. Greene Co.Va.

William Dorsey Shifflett Son of Newton Shifflett and Evie Meadows died June 2, 1969 at Gord. Hosp. born May 29,1886 Augusta Co.Va. Married Katherine Ellinger buried Riverview Cem. Waynesboro, Va.

Thomas Carpenter Harvey Son of John Harvey and Ida Roach died Dec. 31, 1969 at Western State Hosp. born Sept. 6,1894 Orange, Va. Married Mary Jane Shifflett buried Union Grove Christian Ch. Cem.

Minnie Shifflett Baily Bodine Daughter of Henry Wise Shifflett and Mary Ann Shifflett died Dec. 1970 born Oct.15,1961 Alber. Co. Va. Married Grover C. Baily Sr. buried Evergreen Ch. Cem. 1 Son Grover C. Baily Jr.

Samuel Franklin Watson Son of Simon Frank Watson and Jennie Shifflett died Jan. 10, 1971 at Orange, Va. born Nov. 2, 1915 Alber. Co. Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Rufus Jackson Shifflett Son of Rufus Andrew Shifflett and Lillie Florence Breeden died Feb.17, 1971 at UVa. Hosp. born Aug. 27, 1916 Greene Co. Va. Married Riby Lamb buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Boggie Collier Son of Andrew Collier and Lizzie Shifflett died Mar. 23, 1972 at Northern Va. Drs. Hosp. born Sept. 13, 1902 Greene Co. Va. Married Eliza Southard buried Maplewood Cem.

Ernest Melvin Williams Son of Newton Guy Williams and Mattie Ola Shifflett died May 7, 1972 at DeJarnetts Santorium born Nov. 14, 1919 Greene Co. Va. Married Lillian Dabney buried Maplewood Cem.

Ishmael Rogers Son of Joe Rogers and Sally Morris died Mar. 8, 1973 at Martha Jeff.Hosp. born Aug. 23,1920 Alber. Co. Va. Married Edith Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem.

Alex Till Shifflett Son of Trice Shifflett and Barbara Ann Shifflett died Feb. 17, 1974 at Rockingham Memorial Hosp. born 1881 Rockingham Co. Va. Married Mattie Shifflett buried Knights Chapel Barb,Va.

George Dean Shifflett Son of George Newman Shifflett and Nora Dean died Apr. 17, 1974 born Mar. 27,1948 buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Angeline Morris Daughter of John Shifflett and Sandy Rogers died Feb.23, 1975 at Orange Nursing Home born Jan. 6, 1878 Green Co. Va. Married Edward W. Lamb buried Maplewood Cem.

Elbert Earl Morris Son of Clayton Morris and Mamie Shifflett died June 20, 1975 at UVa. Hosp. born Jan.10,1946 Greene Co.Va. Married Nancy Breeden buried Eheart Church Cem.

Alvin Joseph Shifflett Son of Sell Shifflett and Addie Collier died May 20, 1976 Gord.Va. born Sept. 10, 1936 Greene Co.Va. Married Victoria Reynolds buried Maplewood Cem.

James Dalton Breeden Son of James Dalton Shifflett and Vergie Morris died Jan. 29,1977 Alex.Hosp. born Sept.16,1919 Orange, Va. Married Sallie Columbia buried Maplewood Cem. WWII Vet.

Roy James Shifflett Son of George E.Davis and Lona Shifflett died Feb.19, 1977 at Gord.Hosp. born Oct. 13, 1922 Rockingham, Va. Married Elizabeth Walker Married Maplewood Cem.

Cecelia Shifflett Daughter of Luther Morris and Josephine Clements died Mar. 11, 1977 at Ruckersville,Va. born July 28,1942 Alber. Co. Va. Married Ronald Morris buried Holly Memorial Gardens

James Rogers Son of Joe Rogers and Sally Morris died May 27,1977 at Gord,Va. born Aug. 31, 1912 Greene Co. Va. Married Lillie Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem.

Lillie Williams Daughter of Daniel Shifflett and Melvina Roach died May 30, 1977 at Gord.Hosp. born Sept. 7, 1895 Rockingham,Va. Married John Elzie Williams buried Holly Memorial Gardens

Luther Morris Son of Geneose Morris and Betty Shifflett died Jan. 10, 1978 at Uva. Hosp. born Jan. 8, 1901 Greene,Va. Married Josephine Gibson buried Holly Memorial Gardens

Minnie Frances Deane Daughter of James W. Lam and Victoria Shifflett died June 20,1978 at UVa. Hosp. born Sept.25,1899 Greene,Va. Married Raleiefe D. Deane buried Knights Chapel

James Edward Rogers Son of Dewey E. Shifflett and Lottie Herrion died Feb. 13,1981 at Home born Feb. 19, 1948 Married Sharon Durham buried Pentecostal Ch. Cem. Eheart,Va. Dewey is Step Father

Elnora Morris Daughter of Rollins Shifflett died Nov. 10,1981 at Balto. Md. born Sept. 20, 1902 Greene,Va. Married Thronton Morris buried Cedar Grove Ch. Cem.

Hollis Ross Allen son of Sidney A. Allen and Elsie Shifflett died Mar.18, 1982 at UVa. Hosp. born Feb.17,1931 Alber.Co.Va. Married Joyce Reynolds buried Maplewood Cem.

Ray Lee Lawson son of Willie Lee Lawson and Dorothy Shifflett died Apr.10, 1982 at Balto, Md. born May 7,1939 Alber Co.Va. Married Ruth Accord buried Holly Memorial Gardens

Jerry Maxie Haney son of Eddie Frank Haney and Lucetta McDaniel died July 23, 1982 at McGurie Hosp. born Mar.10,1911 Greene Co.Va. Married Virginia Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem. WWII Vet.

John Elzie Williams son of Gratton Williams and Lorraine Collier died Sept. 7, 1982 at Martha Jeff. Hosp. born Dec. 12, 1892 Greene Co.Va. Married Lillie Shifflett buried Holly Memorial Gardens

Richard Stuart Shifflett Son of Rufus Andrew Shifflett and Lillie Florence Breeden died Feb. 23, 1983 at UVa. Hosp. born May 8, 1909 Greene Co.Va. Married Viola Beasley buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Geraldine Shifflett Daughter of James A.Shifflett and Sina May died June 18, 1983 at UVa.Hosp. born Jan. 29,1943 Alber. Co. Va. Married Mack Tony Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem.

Hubert Leroy Shifflett Son of Hubert D.Shifflett and Juanita Beasley died Aug. 19, 1983 at UVa. Hosp. born June 6, 1947 Greene Co.Va. buried Maplewood Cem.

Bezeal Shifflett Son of Rufus Andrew Shifflett and Lillie Florence Breeden died Sept.24, 1983 at Sister Home, Barb, Va. born May 30,1918 Greene Co. Va. Married Viola May Raines buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Aubrey Scott Shifflett Son of Henry Wise Shifflett and Mary Ann Wood died Dec. 25, 1983 at Home born Apr. 21,1925 Married Alice Powell buried Maplewod Cem.

Viola Shifflett Daughter of Jerry Myers Beasley and Roberta Williams died Aug. 6, 1984 at UVa. Hosp. born June 25, 1911 Greene Co.Va. Married Richard Styart Shifflett buried Shifflett Family Cem. Barb.Va.

Raymond Ray Shifflett Son of Bernard T.Shifflett and Ella Florence Shifflett died Sept.10,1984 at Home Born Mar.19, 1914 Greene Co.Va. Married Lena Hitt buried Maplewood Cem.

Lawrence Allen Collins Son of Norman E.Collins and Elizabeth Roaik Stickman Shifflett died Oct. 2, 1985 at Home born Jan.12,1953 Wash. Dc. buried Maplewood Cem.

Larry Craig Watson son of Delmar R. Watson and Elizabeth Shifflett died Dec.14, 1985 born Oct.19,1959 buried Maplewood Cem.

William Everett Shifflette, Son of J. Warren Shifflette and Ella Davis died June 4, 1986 at Home Born July 4, 1903 Beldor, Va. Married Ethel M. Shifflette buried Elk Run Cem. Race White

Michael Wayne Shifflett, Son of Jasper Andrew Shifflett and Nora Jean Morris Died June 26, 1986 at UVa.Hosp. Born Feb. 9,1961 Uva. Hosp. Married Nancy Lynn Peterson Buried Maplewood Cem. Lot W. Sec.6 Race White

Alice Delores Shifflett, Daughter of Frank H. Powell and Beatrice Payne died July 18, 1986 at Martha Jeff.Hosp. Born Nov. 15, 1931 Char.Va. Married Aubrey Scott Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem. Lot L. Sec.23 Race White

Paul Swink, Son of James Wellington Swink and Marion Catherine Melton died Oct. 19, 1986 at Williams Adult Home Born Aug. 15, 1922 Hanover,Va. Buried Hillcrest Cem. Lot 273 Race White WWII Vet. Army& Air Force Charges to Catherine Marion Shifflett [Could Be mother?]

Alvin Lee Shifflett, Son of George Newman Shifflett and Nora Dean died Oct. 26, 1986 at Home Born Sept. 16, 1945 Uva. Hosp. Married Mary Jane Morris buried Maplewood Cem. Lot I Sec.16 Race White

Clifford Harold Shifflett, Son of Luke Shifflett and Lillie Morris died Aug. 8, 1987 at Home born Dec. 27, 1921 Dyke,Va. buried Maplewood Cem. P-10 Race White WWII Vet. Army

Bertie Elizabeth Shifflett, Daughter of Daniel Scott Roach and Hester Morris died Nov. 30, 1987 at Uva. Hosp. Born Oct. 28, 1900 Rockingham, Co.Va. Married Octavia Shifflett buried High Top Family Cem. Race White

Sylvester Lawrence Herring, Son of George E. Herring and Lottie Ann Shifflett died Apr.1, 1988 Louisa, Va. born Feb. 2, 1912 Alber, Va. Married Gladys Wood buried Grace Epis. Ch. Cem. Race White

Ernest Wesley Lamb, Son of Silus Preston Lamb and Gourney Elizabeth Shifflette died Feb. 3, 1989 at Home born Feb. 16, 1918 Greene Co.Va. buried Bethel Meth. Ch. Cem. Race White On this one they have Mother and wife as the same person.

Kathleen Lee Shifflett, Daughter of Grover Layton Shifflett and Bertha Lee Meadows died Apr. 16, 1989 at Uva.Hosp. Born Mar. 10, 1919 Married Lloyd R. Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem. W 9 A Race White

Raliegh David Shifflett, Son of Ruben David Shifflett and Ann Virginia Mahanes died July 24, 1989 at Uva. Hosp. Born May 17, 1913 Rockingham Co. Va. Married Gladys McKenzie buried Good Sheppard Cem. Race White

Bobby Ray Shifflett, Son of James Shifflett and Minnie McCloud died Jan. 11, 1990 at Home Born Feb.18, 1934 Orange,Va. Married Elizabeth Della Shifflett buried Maplewood Cem. L=8 RaceWhite

Polly Lamb, Daughter of Joseph Morris and Angeline Shifflett died Feb.22,1991 at Uva. Hosp. Born Apr. 13, 1911 Greene Co.Va. Married Walter Lamb buried ? Race White

Ralph Ben Shifflett, Son of Ben Shifflett and Lydia M. Shifflett Died May 16, 1991 born Aug. 31, 1922 Greene Co.Va. Married Martha Smith buried Hillcrest Cem. Louisa,Va. Race White

Elsie Marie Shifflett, Daughter of Joe Jeffries and Helen Thorpe Died June 3, 1991 at Piedmont Health Care Center born Oct. 3, 1933 Rappahannock,Va. Married Frank William Shifflett buried Amissville Bapt. Ch. Cem. F-10 Race White

Mamie Florence Lam, Daughter of Irvin Hensley and Sarah Breeden died Sept. 29, 1991 at Home born Feb. 15, 1901 Page Co. Va. Married James Elmer Lam buried Knights Chapel Barb,Va. Race White

Nettie Frances Crawford, Daughter of Edgar Conley and Sally Shifflett died Dec. 1, 1991 Culpeper Health Center born Feb. 15, 1907 Dyke,Va. Married Henry Thomas Crawford buried Maplewood Cem. L-24

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