George &. Elizabeth Gentry of Hanover

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First Gentrys In America

There is a family tradition that the first members of the Gentry family to arrive in America were members of a British military unit sent from England in early 1677 to quell Bacon's Rebellion at Jamestown, Virginia. The uprising, lead by Nathaniel Bacon, had ended by the time the British Redcoats arrived in January, 1677, but the Commonwealth of Virginia did not have enough money to send the soldiers, including two Gentry brothers Nicholas and Samuel, back to England. In 1683, the British soldiers were paid off in Spanish piasters and several remained in the Commonwealth.

While the connection of the two Gentry brothers, Samuel and Nicholas, to the Bacon Rebellion is an interesting family tradition, there are no surviving source records to support the connection. Recent research has revealed that the two Gentry brothers may have instead arrived in Virginia as indentured servants. Samuel Gentry is listed in a Middlesex County, Virginia, certificate, dated September 7, 1674, which granted land warrants to a Nicholas Cocke for providing transportation to the Commonwealth for seven persons, including Samuel Gentry. Each warrant entitled the holder to 50 acres of vacant Virginia land for himself and each person brought to Virginia at his expense. The immigrants who accepted the transportation commonly served as indentured servants for a period of five to seven years upon arriving in America. Nicholas Gentry was listed on a similar warrant certificate, dated April, 1700, granting 1,014 acres of land to George Alves of New Kent County for providing transportation for 21 persons (including Nicholas).

Ten years after the warrant reference in Middlesex County, Samuel Gentry received a land patent in 1684 along Totopotomoy Creek and the Pamunkey River in what was part of New Kent County, Virginia. The 1684 patent, for 300 acres, indicated that Samuel Gentry had provided transportation to the colony for six persons and that the land was adjacent to a Nicholas Gentry. Samuel Gentry sold the land some 15 months after the birth of a son in 1687 and subsequently disappeared from Virginia records.

The earliest record for Nicholas Gentry is found in the November, 1680, session of the York County Court. The Court ordered that "wages is due to Nicholas Gentry for being a soldier at Mattapony Garrison till June last be paid to Nicholas Sabrell by the forty which Gentry serves for and that Sabrell pay Gentry what wages is due him by and according to conditions made between them." Nicholas Gentry may have had some type of labor agreement with Nicholas Sabrell as freedman, or Sabrell may have held his indenture. Nicholas' service in the mulitia at Mattaponi Garrison was probably part of an agreement to meet a conscription quota for the garrison.

Although the early land records have not survived, Nicholas Gentry had apparently acquired land on Totopotomoy Creek in New Kent County prior to the 1684 patent of his brother, Samuel, in the same area. Nicholas remained on his Totopotomoy Creek land all of his life. His children married and and several settled in the western portions of New Kent (later Hanover) county in the vicinities of Stone Horse Creek, Dirty Swamp and Beech Creek.

George Gentry of Hanover County

George Gentry was born about 1732 in Hanover County, Virginia, during the reign of King George II of England. He was probably born on the Gentry land in the vicinity of Totopotomoy Creek along the Pamunkey River area of east Hanover county. Many of the early records of Hanover County were destroyed during the Civil War and the few surviving records do not provide any specific information on the parentage of George Gentry. Based on his birth year and names given to his sons, however, George Gentry's father may have been James Gentry, son of the immigrant Nicholas Gentry.

George Gentry married his wife, Elizabeth, in Hanover County about 1755. No record of the marriage or Elizabeth's family name has survived. Following their marriage, George and Elizabeth Gentry resided along the western border of St. Paul's Parish in Hanover County near Stone Horse Creek and Ground Squirrel Bridge on the South Anna River. George Gentry first appeared in the records of St. Paul's Parish in 1763 when he was reimbursed by the parish for "keeping Edy Cawthon from 16th April til now." He was also listed in parish processioning records in 1771 and 1779 in the same precinct between Stone Horse Creek and Beech Creek.

George and Elizabeth Gentry had ten known children. The two oldest sons, James and George Jr., served during the Revolutionary War.

At the end of the Revolutionary War in 1784, George Gentry purchased 540 acres of land in Louisa County, Virginia, from John Powel (Powell) of Fluvanna County. All members of the George and Elizabeth Gentry family apparently left Hanover County and settled on the Louisa County land.. In 1785, the oldest son, James, purchased 200 acres of land in northern Albemarle County east of Boonesville, Virginia, near the Orange County border from Thomson and Sarah Walton. James had married after returning from his three years of service in the 1st Artillery Regiment of the Continental Army in 1780 and was the first member of the family to migrate to Albemarle County.

In 1796, George Gentry purchased 400 acres of land along Buck Mountain Road in northern Albemarle County from Christopher and Margaret Cawthon of Louisa County, Virginia. The land was located along Buck Mountain Road and Rocky Creek southwest of Free Union, Virginia.

George and Elizabeth Gentry are listed in the Buck Mountain (later known as Chesnut Grove) Baptist Church record dated April 21, 1799 . Another Gentry family member listed on the 1799 church register was Nancy Gentry, the daughter of James Gentry who married Enoch Seamonds in 1806.

George Gentry died in Albemarle County prior to October 1, 1810. His will, recorded on July 4, 1806, was proven on October 1, 1810, and recorded in Albemarle Court on November 5, 1810. At the time of his death, George Gentry owned almost 1,000 acres of land in Louisa and Albemarle counties. The estate inventory included 27 slaves and personal property with a total value of 1,286 pounds.

Gentry Cedarmere Farm In Greene County

James Gentry, oldest son of George and Elizabeth Gentry, purchased 400 acres of land from John Huckstep and his wife, Aggey, across the Albemarle county line in Orange county on April 23, 1810. The land was located on the Lyne (Lynch) River and adjoined land of Thomas Shifflet, Reuben Golding and others. James Gentry turned over the 400 acres of the Gentry farm in Greene County over to his son, John Gentry, to work and help oversee the work force. John Gentry and family were quite prominent farmers for their day. The Gentry farmers started a large orchard, mostly of apples, and began making apple brandy. Before 1900, the area around the farm was called Smithton or Smithland, Virginia. In the early 1900s, the Gentry farm house, was the local post office for the area and was called Cedarmere, Virginia.

Before he died in 1857, John Gentry turned over the farm to his son, John Gentry, Jr. Following the death of John Gentry, Jr. in 1888, William Benjamin Gentry and his wife, Mary Nutie Estes, operated the farm in the early 1900s and then it passed to their son, Walter Clark Gentry. Cedarmere farm was sold out of the Gentry family when Walter Clark Gentry died in 1958.

The Gentry family cemetery is located on the Cedarmere farm along Route 628 about halfway from the intersection with Route 810 and the intersection of Route 614. The cemetery is at the top of a knoll approximately 200 yards from the old Gentry farm house. Depressions are believed to currently mark the location of the graveyard which was bulldozed by a previous land owner some years ago. Two small dogwoods mark the site which is approximately 27 feet square..

Gentry Family Chart

The following is a family chart for the family of George and Elizabeth Gentry.

For additional information on the family of George and Elizabeth Gentry, see the article "George Gentry of Virginia," John W. Reed, Journal of Gentry Genealogy, Volume 1, Issue 11, November, 2001.

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1.George GENTRY b.c. 1732 in Hanover County, VA, and d. bef. October 1, 1810 Albemarle County, VA. Will was recorded July 4, 1806, and proven by Thomson Walton on November 5, 1810. Witnesses were Ison Walton and Hawkey Furguson. m. Elizabeth Hanover Co., VA about 1757 (no marriage record), d. bef. November, 1820 Albemarle Co., VA Family resided near Stone Horse Creek. Mentioned in records of St. Paul's Parish (Hanover County) in 1763, 1771 and 1779. In 1784, purchased 540 arces of land in Louisa County (Louisa Deed Bk H, p. 471), Virginia. Also sold 66 acres of land in Hanover County to John Harvie in 1787 (Hanover County Large Deed Book). Migrated from Louisa County to northern Albemarle County, VA, in 1796 after buying 400 acres of land along Buck Mountain Road and Rocky Creek. (Albemarle Deed Bk 12, p.33). Also Albemarle deed in 1801 for 100 acres from Liner Gooch and wife Rhoda (Deed Bk 13, p. 530), deed in 1808 for 200 acres from Charles Fretwell (Deed Bk 16, p. 240) and deed in 1810 for 100 acres from John Ballard (Deed Bk 17, p.75).

Children of George and Elizabeth Gentry are listed below. The order is based on the assumed birth order as provided in George Gentry's will.

2. James GENTRY, b. 1757, Hanover County, VA; d. July 22, 1851, Albemarle County, will dated 7 Jul 1851 recorded Albemarle Co., VA. Served 1777 - 1780, 1st Artillery Regiment, RW; m. c. 1782 Mary HICKS d. 1835, d/o Stephen and Agnes HANCOCK HICKS. There is a 1785 Albemarle Co., VA deed Bk. 9, p. 154 from Thompson and Sarah Walton to James Gentry of Louisa County. A deed of Albemarle Co., VA Deed Bk. 22, p. 339/40 in which his land adjoined Richard and John Shiflet's and the Albemarle/Orange Co., VA border. An 1810 Orange County deed, Bk. 24, p. 554, for 400 acres along Albemarle/Orange county border which became Cedarmere Gentry farm. 1848 deed of Albemarle Co., VA Deed Bk 26, p. 13 from James Gentry to Methodist Church Conference for location of Gentry Methodist Church. Catterton's store register lists James Gentry in 1810/18. James Gentry is listed on the 1787 Albemarle tax list.
3. George GENTRY b. 1783 Hanover County, VA, d. bef. 1840 Lincoln Co. MO. m. 1 Nov 1808 Albemarle Co., VA, Elizabeth DUNN b.c. 1792 Albemarle Co., VA, d.c. 1844 d/o James and Sarah HARVEY DUNN. Family moved to Lincoln Co., MO by 1828
4. John A GENTRY m. 1863 Greene Co., VA, Elmira RUNDLE, b. 1839, widow, d/o George and Francis RUNDLE. Marriage record identifies John's parents as George A and Elizabeth Gentry.
4. James GENTRY
4. Reuben GENTRY
4. Bettie GENTRY
4. George GENTRY
4. Bickie GENTRY
3. John GENTRY b. 1783 Hanover Co., VA, d. 30 Dec 1857 Greene Co., VA, buried: on Gentry Farm; Femily tradition indicates service in War of 1812, m. 1) 25 Nov 1804 Albemarle Co., VA Patsey HICKS b.c. 1784; d. bef 1848, d/o Anderson HICKS m. 2) 20 Apr 1848 Greene Co., VA Olley SHIFLETT b.c. 1800 Orange Co., VA, d. aft. 1880 d/o Richard and Elizabeth SNOW SHIFLETT. See will on site.
4. Fountain GENTRY b.c. 1805 Albemarle Co., VA m. 9 Feb 1823 Albemarle Co., VA by Rev. John Gibson(Bond by John Knight. Witnesses were John Knight and Isaac Simms. John Gentry gave consent and noted Fountain not of age.) , Ann KNIGHT b.c. 1807 d. aft. 1880 d/o William and Martha CAVE KNIGHT. [Ed. note: The parents of Ann Knight are undocumented and is based on oral family history.] Family is listed on the 1840 Greene Co., VA census, but had moved to Randolph Co. by 1850, back to Greene Co., VA in 1860, to Kanawha Co., WV 1870 with son Silas, then 1880 Putnam Co., WV with son Silas. In 1845, Fountain was a witness on the will of William Shiflett (who m. Susannah).
5. Betty Sue GENTRY b.c. 1828 Orange Co., VA
5. Isaac Sellers GENTRY b. 6 Jun 1833 Orange Co., VA d. 4 Sep 1926 Alva, Woods Co., OK; m. 25 Aug 1854 Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Loretta ISNER b. 3 Mar 1836 Randolph Co., VA d. 4 Oct 1931, Supply, Woods Co., OK; d/o William and Edna MARSTILLER ISNER of Randolph Co. VA. Isaac and Loretta buried: IOOF Cemetery, Avard, OK. Isaac served in the 20th Virginia Cav., CSA. Family listed on following census records: 1850 Randolph Co., 1860 Gentry farm Greene Co., VA, 1870 Kanawha Co., WV, 1880 Jackson Co., OH, and in 1900 living on his land claim in Woods Co., OK.
5. Benjamin Franklin GENTRY b. 12 Apr 1836 Orange Co., VA d. 26 Jan 1926 Custer Co., OK m. 12 Dec 1865 at the John Gentry homestead in Greene Co., VA. Emma Jane HUFFMAN d/o Milton and Petetia PEYTON HUFFMAN of Greene Co., VA b. 3 Mar 1843 Greene Co., VA d. 29 Aug 1918, Custer Co., OK. Benjamin and Emma Jane buried Independence Cemetery, Custer Co., OK. Benjamin is listed on the 1850 Randolph Co., VA census, also on 1860 Greene Co., VA as a constable. Served in Company F, John Mosby's "Gray Ghost" CSA Regiment.
5. Andrew S. GENTRY b.c. 1838 Orange Co., VA m. 1) 23 Feb 1858 Randolph Co., VA Caroline PETERS b. 1833 m. 2) 12 Sep 1865 Greene Co., VA Susan HUFFMAN b. 1845, d/o Milton and Petetia PEYTON HUFFMAN of Greene Co., VA Andrew served in the 20th Virginia Cav., CSA.
5. George W. GENTRY b. 1840 Greene Co., VA, m. c. 1866 Emiline Unknown. b. abt 1848, PA. Served CSA. Cameron Co., PA census in 1870. In 1880 he was in the lumber business in Cameron Co., PA
5. Silas Cave GENTRY b. Nov 1842 d. 29 Apr 1917 Plymouth, WV served 1861-1865 in J.S. Brown's CSA Light Artillery Co.; m. c. 1872 WV Margorie Unknown b. Apr 1853 VA, d. 1955; both buried: Schowen Cemetery, Bancroft, Putnam Co., WV. Family is listed on the 1870 Kanawha Co., WV and 1880 and 1900 Putnam Co., WV census records. In 1870 and 1880, Fountain and Ann Gentry are listed in adjacent HH
5. Diana GENTRY b. 1847 Greene Co., VA
4. Austin B. GENTRY b. 11 Oct 1809 Albemarle Co., VA d. 14 Aug 1870 m. 3 Jan 1832 Albemarle Co., VA by Rev. John Gibson (bondsman Thomas Naylor), Francis (Jane) A.V. NAYLOR b. 30 Mar 1816 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 14 Sep 1892 Albemarle Co., VA, d/o John and Jane P. WALTON NAYLOR. Both buried at Gentry family cemetery
5. J.R. Thomas GENTRY b. 16 Apr 1837 Greene Co., VA, d. 30 Dec 1881 Greene Co., VA, m. bef. 1859 Phoebe A. Unknown b.c. 1837 both buried: Gentry Family Cemetery. (tombstone for J. R.)
5. Bluford A. GENTRY b. 1844 Greene Co., VA
5. Frances Via GENTRY b.c. 1845 Greene Co., VA
5. Henry B.C. GENTRY b. 2 Sep 1853 Greene Co., VA m. 26 Nov 1874 Rockingham Co., VA Sarah Catherine NAYLOR b. 25 Mar 1854 Rockingham Co., VA d. 9 Aug 1882. This family lived in Elkton.
4. John GENTRY Jr. b.c. 1815 Orange Co., VA d. 1888 Albemarle Co., VA m. 5 Dec. 1840 Greene Co., VA Caroline DOUGLAS b.c. 1815 d/o Robert and Rhoda BINGHAM DOUGLAS. Family is listed on 1850 Greene Co., VA census. John Gentry was exec. and Caroline Gentry was witness on the will of Nancy Shiflett proved 1866. Both buried Gentry family cem.
5. George W. GENTRY b.c. 1841 Greene Co., VA, d.c. 1871. Probably buried Gentry Family cemetery
5. John J.M. GENTRY b. 1843 Greene Co., VA, moved to Stony Fork, Tioga Co, PA where he was a physician.
5. William Benjamin GENTRY b. 1845 Greene Co., VA, d. 10 Feb 1914 m. 18 Apr 1880 Greene Co., VA Nutie ESTES b.c. 1861 Greene Co., VA, both buried Gentry family cemetery
5. Edgar W. GENTRY b.c. 1847 Greene Co., VA buried Gentry Family Cemetery
5. Augustus GENTRY b.c. 1850 Greene Co., VA buried Gentry Family Cemetery
5. Collin Clark GENTRY b. 1857 Greene Co., VA, physician
4. Elizabeth GENTRY b.c. 1818 Orange Co., VA d. 27 May 1848 m. 10 Jul 1834 Albemarle Co., VA James DUNN
4. James A. GENTRY b.c. 1823 Orange Co., VA m. 6 Nov 1845 Albemarle Co., VA, Luthana A. SANDRIDGE b.c. 1828
5. William GENTRY
5. Henry GENTRY
4. Nancy GENTRY b.c. 1828 Orange Co., VA m. Curtis SHIFLETT (no m. record found) b. 1833 s/o Brightberry and Tempey SHIFLETT
5. Martha SHIFLETT b.c. 1847
3. Nancy GENTRY m. 22 Sep 1806 Albemarle Co., VA Enoch SEAMONDS. Minister Bemis Brown. Enoch Seamonds listed as witness on Orange Co., VA will of Lewis Shiflett, 1824.
3. Dorothy (Dolly) GENTRY, b. 03 Feb 1786, Louisa Co. VA, d. 06 Dec 1857 Dropping Lick, Monroe Co., VA. Buried on Old Harvey Homestead, Rock Camp. m. 3 Jan 1805 Albemarle Co., VA by Rev. John Gibson, Richard HARVEY b. 1782 Orange Co. VA and d. Rock Camp, Monroe County, VA, s/o Nicholas and Mary SNIDOW HARVEY..
4. James G HARVEY, b.c. 1806 Albemarle Co., VA
4. Elizabeth "Betsy" HARVEY, b. 1808 Rock Camp, Monroe Co., VA, d. 25 Mar 1882, Rock Camp, Monroe Co., VA
4. Nancy Tate HARVEY, b. 29 Nov 1812 d. 19 Dec 1892 Summers Co., WV
4. Jonathon Henry HARVEY, b. 18 Jan 1813 Rock Camp, Monroe Co., VA, d. 09 Mar 1895 Monroe Co., VA
4. William Andrew HARVEY, b. abt. 1814, Wolf Creek, Monroe Co., VA, d. 1880 Monroe Co. VA. m. 14 Sep 1842 Sarah Jan WICKLINE, Monroe Co., VA, b. 12 Aug 1818, Monroe Co., VA, d. 21 Aug 1902, Monroe Co., VA
4. Ann Belle HARVEY, b. 1816. m. 13 Feb 1860 David SMITH
4. Joshua C HARVEY, b. 28 Dec 1818, Monroe Co., VA, d. 20 Jul 1902 Troy, KS. m. 1) Charity MEIFSENGER, Troy, KS, b. 23 Aug 1842, d. 12, Nov, 1902, m. 2) 01 Jan 1849 Angeline MITCHELL, Rock Camp, Monroe Co., VA, b. !9 Dec 1829, Monroe Co., VA, d. Denton, KS
4. Francis HARVEY, b. 1826
4. Deliah HARVEY, b. 1829, d. 30 Jan 1911 Monroe Co., WV
4. John R HARVEY, b. 1832, d. bef. 1930 Monroe Co., WV
4. Martha Jane HARVEY, b. 1832, d. 18 Aug 1859, m. 10 Aug 1859, James H UNDERWOOD, Monroe Co., VA
3. Elizabeth (Betsy) GENTRY b. 14 Jan 1793 Albemarle Co., VA m. 16 Jan 1808 Albemarle Co., VA, Martin D HARVEY b. 4 Jun 1785 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 15 Jun 1848 Lincoln Co., MO. Martin Harvey was witness on 1824 Orange Co., VA will of Lewis Shiflett. This family probably moved to MO at the same time as George and Elizabeth DUNN Gentry (1828).
4. George HARVEY b. 1808 prob. Albemarle Co., VA, d. 10 Jun 1848 Lincoln Co., MO; buried in Troy, Lincoln Co., MO
4. Valentine HARVEY b. 1812 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 18 Aug 1862 Troy, Lincoln Co., MO
4. Mary Elizabeth HARVEY b. 1814 Albemarle Co., d. 28 Dec 1880 Lincoln Co., MO
4. Bevery HARVEY b. 1820 Albemarle Co., VA, d. Aug 1891 Lincoln Co., MO
4. Whitlow HARVEY b. 14 Feb 1823 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 25 Dec 1872 Troy, Lincoln Co., MO
3. James GENTRY b.c. 1791 Albemarle Co., VA, d. aft 1851 TX m. 1) 5 Aug 1816 Albemarle Co., VA, by Rev. George Bingham, Nelly GIBSON d/o John and Nancy GIBSON b. 04 Oct 1791, d. bef. 1848, m. 2) 03 Jan 1823 Albemarle Co., VA, Peachy "Peaches" LANGFORD. James Gentry moved to Lincoln Co. MO for a period before moving on to TX. Listed in 1850 Cedar Co., MO census with wife "Peaches."
4. James GENTRY m. Elizabeth THOMAS. Family moved to Weaubleau, Hickory Co., MO bef. 1852
4. Charles GENTRY
2. Nancy GENTRY, b. c. 1763; d. Unknown; m. June 13, 1791, Louisa County, VA Edward WALTON. Marriage is documented in Louisa Co., VA Marriage Register 1&2 (1766-1851), page 54. Witness and security was George Gentry (father). [Ed. note: Document held by the VA Historical Society: Deed of trust (copy), 1791, of Edward Walton to George Gentry for the benefit of Nancy (Gentry) Walton for 150 acres in Hanover County, Va. (bears affidavit of William Pollard) -- this appears to be given in consideration of the marriage. ]
2. George GENTRY, b. 1765 or 1766 Hanover Co., VA near Ground Squirrel Bridge over South Anna River; d. 28 Oct 1855, Albemarle Co., VA, his wife is unknown. Substiuted for father, George Gentry, in Virginia Militia in January, 1781. Applied for Rev. War. pension October 2, 1832, in Albemarle Co., VA. Was residing on father's Louisa Co., VA land in 1810. Moved to Albemarle Co., VA, in 1817.
3. John GENTRY never married. Resided in Louisa Co., VA
3.Nancy GENTRY b.c 1800 Albemarle Co., VA, d.c. 1884 Albemarle Co., VA, m. 9 May 1816 Albemarle Co., VA, by Rev. John Gibson, bond by George Gentry who give his consent; Jesse Rice WALTON b. 9 Jul 1790 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 7 Jun 1875 Albemarle Co., VA s/o Thompson and Sarah RICE WALTON. On the 1850 Albemarle census, Nancy's father, George age 90, is listed in their HH
4. Jesse Rice WALTON Jr. b. c. 1818, d. c. 1870
4. Agnes Headly WALTON b.c. 1820 m. 30 Dec. 1835 Albemarle Co., VA, (by Rev. Reuben L. Coleman, bond by Jesse R. Walton and John Walton, William W. Tompkins wit.) Edward WALTON. b. 1818. Edward and Agnes are listed on the 1850 Albemarle Co., VA census with their children.
5.Bernard WALTON b. 1837
5.Jesse WALTON b. 1839
5.John WALTON b. 1843
5.Chapman WALTON b. 1849
4. Frances R. WALTON b.c. 1822 m. 11 Aug 1841 Albemarle Co., VA, (bond by Jessy Walton, wit.. Ira Garrett) Charles BURRUS. (Ed note. There is another m. listed for a Frances R. Walton, on 5 Jan 1846 Albemarle bond by Rice Walton to George M. Clarke, but this Rice may be her brother, and the Frances R. could possibly be her niece.)
4. Edward Walton b.c. 1825
4. John WALTON b.c. 1838 listed on 1850 Albemarle Co., VA, census as child, age 12
3. Jemima GENTRY b. bef. 1802 m. 23 Dec 1817 Albemarle Co., VA, (bond by George Gentry (father) who gives consent, witness William Wertenbaker) William G GIBSON, s/o John and Nancy GIBSON, b. 31 Mar 1783, d. 1823
3. Frances GENTRY b. bef. 1809 m. 17 Apr 1824 Albemarle Co., VA, (bond Nicholas G Rogers, George Gentry gives consent, witnesses Nicholas G Rogers and George Milliway) James A JOHNSON b.c. 1800, d.c. 1859. They were living next door to Edward and Agnes Walton on the 1850 Albemarle Co., VA census.
2. William GENTRY, b.c. 1867, m. 24 Apr 1787 Louisa Co., VA Elizabeth KERSEY.
2. Francis GENTRY b.c 1768 Hanover Co., VA; d. Bef. 1811 Louisa Co., VA. m. 8 Oct 1788 Louisa Co., VA (George Gentry listed as parent of Francis. Witnesses: John Kersey, Jesse Payne and Nancy Gentry) Nathaniel TATE, s/o Nathan and Elizabeth TATE, d. bef. 1821
3. Elizabeth "Betsey" TATE b.c. 1792 Louisa Co., VA m. 6 Jun 1819 Goochland Co., VA, VA David Washington GREGORY
3. Austin TATE b. 1808 m. Mary ANTHONY
3. Salley Thompson TATE m. c. 1817 Louisa Co., VA Henry KERSEY b.c. 1792 Spiceland, Louisa Co., VA
3. Mary TATE m. 18 Jul 1825 Louisa Co., VA, Henry W LASSITER
3. Thompson TATE b.c. 1794
3. Polley TATE
3.Nathan Garland TATE b.c. 1805 m. 20 May 1860 Louisa Co., VA, Louise CAWLEY
3.Watson TATE
2. Austin GENTRY, b. Unknown; d.c. 1814 Madison Co., KY Austin went to KY and the following will is recorded in Madison Co. KY. "Memorandum of what Austin Gentry wants done with his property. He says he wants a horse left with John Walton, sold and the proceeds of him given to Austin Ballard, and the money come from my father's estate I want given to Hudson Ballard."
2. Elizabeth "Betsey" GENTRY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. m. 27 Feb 1797 Albemarle Co., VA, (Minister Athanaalua Thomas) Edward BALLARD s/o John and Mary POWERS BALLARD.
3. George BALLARD
3. James BALLARD
3. Austin BALLARD, d. 1898, KY
2. Martha "Patsey" GENTRY, m. 1) 01 Jul 1799 Albemarle Co., VA Hezekiah WOODS, m. 2) bef. 1806 Jehu (John) WALTON b.c. 1772. Jehu Walton is listed on the 1810, '20, '40, and '50 Albemarle Co., VA census schedules and is firmly linked with Thompson, Ison, and Richmond Walton, but we do not know the relationship. A Jehu Walton m. Francis "Fanny" FISHER 17 Aug 1825 Albemarle Co., VA.
3. George WALTON b.c. 1810
2. Aaron GENTRY, b. 1771, Albemarle Co., VA, d. TN m. 1) 10 Jan 1801 Orange Co., VA VA Polly Mary OGG b.c. 1773 Orange Co., VA d. Dec. 1801 Orange Co., VA d/o Alexander and Susannah LINDSEY OGG ; m. 2) 10 Jan 1803 Orange Co., VA Peggy OGG b.c. 1777 Orange Co., VA, d/o Alexander and Susannah LINDSEY OGG.
Children by Polly Mary Ogg:
3. George A. GENTRY b. Dec. 1801 Orange Co., VA poss. d. in 1801 with his mother

Children by Peggy Ogg:
3. George Alexander GENTRY b.c. 1803, d. aft. 1894 m. 1) 28 Dec 1827 Madison Co., VA Elizabeth A. JACKSON b.c. 1833 d. bet. 1838-1850; m. 2) 3 Oct 1846 Greene Co., VA Mahala "Frances" LAMB b.c. 1824 d. Feb 1894 Greene Co., VA d/o Matthew and Mary LAMB. His children with Elizabeth Jackson were listed in Susan Ogg's HH on the 1850 Greene Co., VA census.
Children by Elizabeth A Jackson:
4. Mary Margaret GENTRY b.c. 1828. m. 28 May 1850 Madison Co., VA W T SIMMS.
4. Eliza G GENTRY b.c. 1830. m. RUNKLE.
4. John (Capt.) Aaron GENTRY b. Jan 1832 Orange Co., VA, d. bef 1874, living in Ogg HH 1850
4. Susan A. GENTRY b.c. 1835 m. 26 Nov 1851 Greene Co., VA, Fayette COLE; living in Ogg HH in 1850
4. James A. GENTRY b.c. 1836 Orange Co., VA d. bef. 1874
4. William T. GENTRY b.c. 1838 Greene Co., VA, living in Ogg HH 1850
Children by Mahala "Frances" Lamb:
4. Frances Ann GENTRY b. May 1850 Greene Co., VA
4. Amanda (Mary) L. GENTRY b.c. 1853 Greene Co., VA, m. 24 Sep 1874 Greene Co., VA Wyatt DAVIS b.c. 1853 Greene Co., VA, d. Mar 1894 Greene Co., VA s/o Smith and Mary DAVIS
4. James W. T. GENTRY b.c. 1856 Reported mother's death in 1894 Greene Co., VA
3. James Overton GENTRY b.c. 1807 prob. Orange Co., VA, m. 1) 25 Jan 1826 Charlotte REYNOLDS; m. 2) 15 May 1841 Knox Co., TN Sarah GRIMMETT d/o John GRIMMETT
3. Susan Jane GENTRY b. 18 May 1811 Knox Co., TN d. 9 May 1902 Madison Co., VA m. 18 Dec 1830 Albemarle Co., VA by Rev. John Gibson (note the m. is also recorded in Orange Co., VA), William "Willis" E. JACKSON b. 18 Nov 1809 Madison Co., VA d. 23 Dec 1886 Madison Co., VA s/o John and Mary HERNDON JACKSON
4. Margaret (Mary) Jane JACKSON b. 27 Dec 1833 in Madison Co., VA; d. 10 Aug 1910
4. Mary Rebecca JACKSON b.c. 1839 in Madison Co., VA
4. Geogre T. JACKSON b.c. 1841
4. Ann E. JACKSON b.c. 1844
4. Joab C. JACKSON b.c. 1846
4. Susan E. JACKSON b.c. 1849
4. James W. JACKSON b.c. 1854
4. Daniel L. JACKSON b.c. 1855
2. Christopher GENTRY, b.c. 1773 Hanover Co., d. bef. Oct 1822 Albemarle Co., VA. m. 1) 13 Jul 1804 Albemarle Co., VA (bondman William Woods) Juriah WOODS, m. 2) 2 Aug 1810 Albemarle Co., VA, Sarah J. DUNN b.c. 1795, d aft 1850, Albemarle Co., VA (Rev. John Gibson, bondsman John Dunn, witness Reubin Dunn) d. aft 1822, d/o James and Sarah HARVEY DUNN.
Children by Juriah Woods:
3. Martha "Patsey" GENTRY m. Joel WALTON prob. in Albemarle Co., VA and reportedly had a son, Jesse WALTON
3. Dicey (Dig) GENTRY m. 19 Mar 1829 Albemarle Co., VA by Rev. John Gibson (bond John Thompson, who also confirmed Dicy over 21), Garret WHITE
3. Mary "Polly" GENTRY m. 18 May 1829 Albemarle Co., VA, Henry VIA. Family moved to Preeble Co., OH in 1829. Following info from Judy Maupin Pons' book, Micajah Via Sr., of Albemarle County, Virginia 1740 - 1900 Henry O'Bock Via b. 5 Jun 1893 Albemarle Co., VA, VA, d. 10 July 1853 Lewisberg, Preble Co., OH s/o Jonathan Via and Catherine O'Bock (Jonathan s/o Micajah). States Mary was b.c. 1801 and was d/o Sarah, but may not have know about the earlier marriage and the est. birth date may have been from census). Mary d. 22 Nov 1877. Both buried Roselawn Cemetery, Preble Co., OH. 15 Dec 1852, Henry and Mary Via gave power of attorney to their son William O. Via to recover their share of the estate of Christopher Gentry due to pending litigation. (Albemarle Co., VA Deed Bk. 51:257)

Children by Sarah J Dunn:
3. Frances "Fanny" GENTRY b. 07 Sep 1811 d. 25 Mar 1901. m. 29 Nov 1827 Orange Co., VA (Rev. George Bingham, bond: John Dunn, witness A. J. Jameson) Thomas GIBSON b. 21 Oct 1797 s/o John and Nancy GIBSON
4. Frances GIBSON b.c. 1831 Albemarle Co., VA
4. Newton GIBSON b.c. 1836 Albemarle Co., VA
4. Henry GIBSON b.c. 1838 Albemarle Co., VA
4. Simeon GIBSON b.c. 1840 Albemarle Co., VA
4. William GIBSON b.c. 1841 Albemarle Co., VA
3. Henry H. GENTRY b.c. 1812 m. 16 Nov 1847 Albemarle Co., VA Susan GIBSON. Henry's mother, Sarah Dunn Gentry, was living in household in 1850 census.
3. Elizabeth "Betsie" GENTRY, m. 10 Jul 1832 Albemarle Co., VA, James N DUNN
3. Pascal B.D. Gentry d. unk. (originally posted as bef. 1852) m. 1) unknown; m. 2) 6 Nov 1847 Albemarle Co., VA, Susan Maupin DUNN. According to Bea Gentry the actual gaurdian bond dated Dec 1849 shows Henry, Sarah Jane and John, and father Pascal Gentry is still living. [Ed. note: so the bond must be for his wife's estate (protecting it for her children). From the m. date of 1847, we infer that Susan Maupin Dunn is not the mother of the 3 children mentioned in the bond - she could not birth 3 children in 25 months, and Pascal's daughter Sarah did not marry at age 10. Henry Gentry's birth date as reported on the census would have to be off by at least years. There is something very wrong with the listing of Pascal's family and more research is needed.]
4. Henry GENTRY b. Dec 1839 Albemarle Co., VA
4. Sarah E. GENTRY b.c. 1840 m. 18 Nov 1857 George W. DULL
4. John GENTRY b. aft. 1828.
4. Mary Jane GENTRY b.c. 1846 m. Aug 1867 Thomas Harris LANDIS

Other Records:

  1. In 1796 and '97, a George Gentry delivered Fredericksville Parish poorhouse payments to John Shiflett and Richard Shiflett. See timeline.
  2. Chesnut Grove church records, where George Gentry is listed as a member in 1799. Listed next, is Elizabeth Gentry. A Nancy Gentry is also a member.
  3. George A. Gentry who witnesses 1842 Greene Co., VA deed of John Davis to his daughter Peachy Davis. This is possibly the George A. Gentry who m. 2) Mahala Lamb

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