Shifflett Family Genealogy

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They may include living people

Archibald Shiflett and Melinda Vaughan  Archibald - no parents

Archibald Shiflett and Mary Matilda Newcum  Archibald - no parents

Benson Shiflett and Christina Shiflett   Benson - s/o Richard Shifflett and Elizabeth Snow, Christina d/o John B. Shiflett & Rhoda A. Shifflett

Bland Shiflett and Vina Unknown  Bland - s/o John Shiflett and Elizabeth Collins, Vina's parents are unknown

Garland Shiflett and Peachie Self   Garland - s/o William Shiflett and Susanna Sukey Unknown

George Elsworth Shifflet and Anna K. Snyder  George - s/o Asher Shifflett and Laura J. Judd

George Washington Shifflett and Minnie J. Anner  George - no parents

Harden I. Shifflett and Elizabeth Powell  Harden - s/o Thomas Shiflett and Elizabeth Lamb

Hasten Tussey Shifflett and Susan A. Estill  Hasten - s/o Thomas Shiflett and Elizabeth Lamb

James Shiflett and Mary Patsy Unknown  James - no parents

Joice Shiflett and Lewis Stowers  Joice - d/o Stephen Shiflett and Elizabeth Powell

Joshua Shifflett and Margaret Harris Maupin  Joshua - s/o Thomas Shiflett and Elizabeth Lamb

Larken Shiflett and Anna Shiflett  Larkin - s/o Thomas Shiflett and Elizabeth Lamb, Anna - d/o Bland Shiflett and Vina Unknown

Micajah Shiflett and Milly Unknown  Micajah - no parents

Micajah Shiflett and Charlotte (Lottie) Shiflett  Micajah - no parents

Mordecai Shiflett and Nancy Brock  Mordecai - no parents

Pickett Shiflett Sr. and Lucretia Powell  Pickett - s/o Stephen Shiflett and Elizabeth Powell

Powell Shiflett Sr. and Catherine McMullen   Powell =- s/o Stephen Shiflett and Elizabeth Powell

Stephen Shiflett Sr. and Unknown  Stephen - s/o John Shiflett Sr. and Elizabeth Collins

Washington Shiflett and Mary Sally Morris  Washington - no parents


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