Shifflett Family Genealogy

These unknown pictures were submitted by Aaron Shipley

Unknown  1 Unknown 2 Unknown 3 Unknown 4 Unknown 5 Unknown 6 Unknown 7

Unknowns 1 thru 4 are on tin types
Unknown 6 is believed to be the family of Solomon Nathaniel Shiflett and Frances Powell. They can be found on the Nathaniel Chart

These unknown pictures were submitted by Tammy Hughes

John C. and Rosa Shiflett 
John Columbus and Rosa on the left (older couple), Alma Shiflett is in the back, leaning on the car second from right.
Her daughter, Janet Schwartz, is the little blonde haired girl on front row right most side.
The rest are unidentified.  If anyone knows who they are please contact

Unknown 1 Unknown 2  Unknown 3  Unknown 4  Unknown 5

#5 identified by Jerry Rodeheaver

Small boy in front row is Jack Rodeheaver.  Boy on his left in the front row is Robert Rodeheaver and the girl on the left is his sister, Betty Rodeheaver.
Boy in the back row on left is Carl Rodeheaver (my father).  His father, Jeramiah (Jerry) Rodeheaver is on his left with Goldie, his mother and Marvin Rodeheaver (with the pipe) is, his older brother completing the back row.  All have passed away.

Contact Tammy at or if you can identify anyone in these pictures


These unknown pictures were submitted by Brenda Lloyd.  They are in the possession of Elmer Morris

Unknown 1    Unknown 2    Unknown 3   Unknown 4    Unknown 5   Unknown 6
Unknown 7    Unknown 8    Unknown 9   Unknown 10  Unknown 11  Unknown 12
Unknown 13  Unknown 14  Unknown 15  Unknown 16  Unknown 17  Unknown 18
Unknown 19  Unknown 20  Unknown 21  Unknown 22  Unknown 23  Unknown 24
Unknown 25  Unknown 26  Unknown 27  Unknown 28  Unknown 29  Unknown 30
Unknown 31  Unknown 32  Unknown 33  Unknown 34  Unknown 35  Unknown 36
Unknown 37  Unknown 38  Unknown 39  Unknown 40  Unknown 41  Unknown 42
Unknown 43  Unknown 44  Unknown 45  Unknown 46  Unknown 47  Unknown 48

Contact if you can identify anyone in these pictures

#38 Identified by Larry Lam
John William Bruce Home and Family Boonesville. Picture ID L to R George Wallace Bruce, Emma Georgia Bruce, Clara Bruce, Arthur Bruce, John William Bruce, and Lula Bruce. The old House is still standing below Prize Hill Cemetery. This picture is in the Bruce Family History 1804-2004 by Alfred and Joann Cummings

Barbara (Shifflett) Hensley
#43 Man in the middle is her Grandfather Henry Clinton "Clint" Shifflett, son of  Wesley Amos Shifflett and Jenetta Snow Shifflett.
Phil Lamm identified these pictures

#4  man on the far left is Elijah Shiflett and beside him is Elijah's wife Tildie Morris. The first child from the left is Elijah and Tildie's only child, "Nora". The man standing behind the man with the jug is Leo Shiflett.
#13 is Robert Lee Wood. Robert had a daughter named Mollie Wood
#38 is Emma Wood Bruce and her husband and family. I have the others names but not handy at the moment. Emma was my g-grandmother's sister and their father was William Lindsay Wood. This picture was at the Emma Wood Bruce Home near Prize Hill Cemetery. 
#38 Seated : Emma Wood Bruce
Standing : Arthur and Lula Bruce Morris (they had a son named Basil) Lula was the daughter of Emma Wood Bruce.
Some of the others are familiar and I will examine them later and let you know what I find. The ones I identified are identical to copies I have from  the Emma Wood Bruce home and the Gladys Bruce Morris home. The Shiflett pictures were identified by a host of friendly Shiflett family members when they were not already identified
Carole McCraw identfied this pictures
#2 man on the right looks like Monroe Morris
#3 The man in the center is Linwood Shiflett and the man on the right is his brother, Leo Shiflett
#4  Back row on right is Leo Shiflett
#5 Back row on left is Linwood Shiflett
#7 Linwood Shiflett lower left. 
#39 Man on left was Mert Morris, McKinley Shiflett is on the right

#35 Left to Right: Nadine Shiflett, Arthur Carl (Sam) Shiflett, Theresa Ann Shiflett
#41  Standing: Luther Turner Shifflett, seated on right: Nettie Blanche Shifflett, standing on right is William B. Shifflett, Sr.

Pictures submitted by Bonnie Smith Nichols

I'm hoping someone can help me identify these pictures. My gggrandmother, Susan Shifflet, daughter of Joshua Shifflet and Margaret Harris Maupin,  is the center right. Her son, William Harris Smith Jr., born 1856, is the baby. Feel

Unknown group


These 8 pictures were submitted by Sandi Riegert.
If you have any idea who they are please email Sandi at 

Unknown 1 - I think these men are workers in a Rockingham County road camp in the 1930's.
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown 4
Unknown 5
Unknown 6 - I have been told she is a Crawford. Photo was taken near Hopkins Gap, Rockingham County
Unknown 7 - Photo says Rob Shifflett on back. Probably taken in Hopkins Gap, Rockingham County. Who is Rob Shifflett?
Unknown 8

Unknown 1     This is believed to be a husband and his wife since both
                        pictures were in the same frame

Unknown 2     The man I believe to be Jesse Shifflett, but I am not sure

Unknown 3     A man and several women

Unknown 4     Written on the back of picture it says Edward Shiflett
                                 With the help of Larry Shifflett this Edward is now identified

Unknown 5    Man, Woman and child

Unknown 6    Two Woman, notify Donna Garland 

Unidentified pictures from the family of Eugene "Dick"  and Rosa Shifflett Hawkins in the possession of Nancy H. Knighting.  If you can identify anyone please notify Nancy at and Bob Klein at

#1    #2    #3     #5    #6    #7    #8    #9    #10

#11    #12    #13    #14    #15    #16    #17    #18    #19    #20

#21    #22    #23    #24    #25    #26    #27    #28    #29    #30

#31    #32    #33    #34    #35    #37    #38    #39    #40    #41

Here are some pictures from Olen Morris.  Two of the pictures have names and two pictures do not.  We would like to know who Robert and Mary Shifflett are.  They could be brother and sister or could be man and wife.  Please contact me at and Olen Morris at

#1    Mary Ann Shifflett

#2    Robert Shifflett

#3     #4


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