Shifflett Family Genealogy

Old School
This old abandon school is located on the property
of Robey Shifflett near Browns Cove off of Rt. 810
As a small child Robey attended this school

Third Grade Class picture taken at Mount Fair School

Page 1     Quint W. Shiflett, Maggie and Madaline
Page 2     Lucy Morris Shiflett, Josie Conley Shiflett
Page 3     Charles S. Marshall, Matilda F. Shiflett
Page 4     Raymond W. Thomas, Martha Shiflett
Page 5     Cecil and Virginia Shiflett

Page 6     Luther Garrison and Margaret Shiflett
Page 7     Tim Morris and Magga Shiflett
Page 8     Fountain Garrison and Roberta Shiflett
Page 9     Ruby and Mamie Shiflett
Page 10   Leo and  Nadine Shiflett, Cecil and Virginia Shiflett

Page 11    Anfield Shiflett and Barbara Frazier
Page 12    Anfield Shiflett CSA reunion
Page 13    Anfield Jr. and Mattie Shiflett
Page 14    Moten Shiflett and Sadie Bruce
Page 15    Fountain Garrison and Roberta Shiflett

Page 16    Chester, Nadine and Theresa Shiflett
Page 17    Cornelius and Nellie Shiflett
Page 18    Leo Shiflett and Susie Fox
Page 19    Sons of Leo and Susie
Page 20    Willie T. and Nettie V. Shiflett

Page 21    Willie T. and Nettie V. Shiflett
Page 22    McClelland and Thomas and Russell Shiflett
Page 23    Deniza Moor Shiflett and brothers
Page 24    Nadine, Chester and parents
Page 25    Bennie, Maggie Shiflett and children

Page 26    Dillard Shiflett, Steward Walton and Fountain Garrison
Page 27    Leonard Morris and Victoria
Page 28    Andrew and Lela Shiflett
Page 29    Al Michaels and Selena Shiflett
Page 30    Adam, George, Jesse and Andrew Shiflet

Page 31    Zermie Shiflett and Lucy Berry
Page 32    Bryant and Eva Shiflett
Page 32.1  Della Shiflett and James Hensley
Page 33    Leake, Eliza and Mckinley Shiflett
Page 34    Family of Cornelius and Mariah Berry Shiflett 
Page 35    Family of Andrew and Lela Shiflett

Page 36    Andrew and Lela Shiflett
Page 37    Chap and Bird Shiflett family
Page 38    Lela Shiflett and children
Page 39    Andrew Shiflett and Randy Garrison
Page 40    Robey and Dorothy Shiflett

Page 41    Fountain and Roberta Garrison
Page 42    Henry Herring and Mamie Shiflett
Page 43    Willie Walton and Carrie Garrison
Page 44    George, Charles Shiflett,  Carl Shifflette
Page 45    Irene Detamore and Elphis Shiflett

Page 46    Eugene, Mirtie Morris and Sigourney Shiflett
Page 47    Lillie Via Shiflett and children
Page 48    Etta, Mamie and Everett
Page 49    Sons of Garland and Heziah Shiflett 
Page 50    Raymond and Martha Shiflett

Page 51    Wilber and Leo Shiflett
Page 52    Fountain and Roberta Garrison and Family
Page 53    Edward and Lucy Shiflett and family
Page 54    Roberta, Joseph and George Lawson
Page 55    Willie and Nettie Shiflett and family

Page 56    Willie and Nettie Shiflett and family
Page 57    Cornelius and Willie and Moten Shiflett
Page 58    Cornelius Shiflett and Mariah Berry
Page 59    Unknown Man and Woman
Page 60    Fountain, Donald, Brenda Garrison

Page 61    Ralph & Georgianna Shiflett - Anfield & Barbara Shiflett
Page 62    John Benjamin Shiflett "The Hermit"
Page 63    Paul & Lela Garrison, Luther Garrison and mother
Page 64    Elizabeth Garrison Keyton, Austin, Emma, Ottie, Mary, Earl, Luther, Paul Garrison
Page 65    Willie Nettie and children
Page 66    Dick Walker and Ophelia V. Shiflett and family
Page 67    Anna Eliza Dean & Lester Dean and Melvine Dean
Page 68    George Benson Shiflett & Maggie F. Marshall
Page 69    Ray Sullivan in Air Force and Family and Friend.
Page 70    Addie Shiflett & Luthena Shiflett & Frances C. Shiflett

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