Riverview Cemetery
Albemarle Co., VA
Jan 2006

Ballard, Edna Morris
Berry, Anita C.

Cash, Cora F. Morris
Cash, Irene H. Craddock
Cash, Lonnie M.
Cash, Malcolm Cloyd
Clements, David Allen
Clements, Michael Wade
Cole, Sarah Lucille Knight
Collier, Ellie Wood Crawford
Collier, Garnett Ray
Collier, William Davis
Collier, Woodrow W. and Dora H.
Crawford, Charles Sanford
Crawford, Clinton M.
Crawford, Finks Early
Crawford, James A.
Crawford, John W. and Annie B.
Crawford, John W. and Clara S.
Crawford, Robert L.
Crawford, Virginia T.
Crawford, W. Henry

Deane, Carl Brandon
Deane, Charles L.
Deane, Florence M.
Deane, Ilma McAlexander
Deane, James A. and Mary G.
Deane, Jason
Deane, Randolph Sommers

Faircloth, Anna Mae and Emma Louise Morris
Frazier, James W. and Carrie B.

Gentry, Otha

Hall, Alice B.
Hall, William and Alice Hall and Charles F Shifflett
Hall, William F., Sr.
Harlow, Emma Morris
Herring, Patricia Ann Shifflett


King, Harry H. and Knight     
King, Lethia E. Morris
King, Michael W.
King, W. W.
Knight, Norman E.
Knight, Andrew D. and Alice L. and  Catherine W.
Knight, Edward C. and Eva M.
Knight, Manus
Knight, Russell
Knight, Samuel and Augusta E.
Knight, William A.
Knight, William Durrett Louretta Morris
Knight, William H. and Nancy Mayo
Knight, Wilson

Lee, Dicy and Dell Morris
Lee, Roy T.

Morris, Annie Ray Hudson
Morris, Betty Orser
Morris, Caroline Rose
Morris, Clarence M. and Anne Pleines
Morris, Columbus Lee
Morris, Edith Leigh Dickey
Morris, Edward Wingfield
Morris, Ella Scantling
Morris, Gary Michael
Morris, George Rea
Morris, George Watts
Morris, Gladys Ruth
Morris, Henrietta Bingler
Morris, Henry H.
Morris, Henry J. and Queenie G.
Morris, Hollis R.
Morris, Houston Jr. and Retha M.
Morris, Houston Sr. and Julia P.
Morris, James Benjamin
Morris, James Edward and Frances Dickerson
Morris, James F. and Edith G.
Morris, James Smithey
Morris, John E. and Minnie A.
Morris, John Richard
Morris, John Richard Jr.
Morris, Joseph Kemper
Morris, Julian O.
Morris, Julia P.
Morris, Lucy I and Dale Morris - Infants
Morris, Louisa C.
Morris, Lucy M.
Morris, Lucy Sledd Wingfield
Morris, Lyman M. and Elizabeth C.
Morris, Mary D.
Morris, Michael Ray
Morris, Mollie L. Johnson
Morris, Ora J.
Morris, Roberta Lee Steele
Morris, Robert James
Morris, Robert Lee and Frances Ann
Morris, Ruby Buck
Morris, Samuel A.
Morris, Samuel Harding
Morris, Sarah Jo
Morris, Stuart Harvey
Morris, Virginia R.
Morris, Walter Lee
Morris, Walter Lee and Edith Lane
Morris, William Douglas
Morris, Wilmonia J. Smith
Morris, Woodrow D., Jr.
Morris, W. Watts
Mowbray, Herman Richard Mary Pate
Mowbray, Hermon R.


Rigsby, Effie Morris Byrns
Riviere Mary Morris

Shifflette, Burnice Carl and Mary McDaniel
Shifflett, Brandon Lee
Shifflett, Carl W.
Shifflett, Cecil A. and Sevillia Mae
Shifflett, Charles F.
Shifflett, Donna Lynn
Shifflett, Ernest Jr.
Shifflett, Gladys V.
Shifflett, James H.
Shifflett, James H. and Phyllis J.
Shifflett, James H. and Upsie Lee
Shifflett, James J.
Shifflett, Roger Lee
Shifflett, Sevilla Mae and Cecil A.
Shifflett, Sherman
Shifflett, Welford T. and Mary S.
Shifflett, William C. and Caroline S.
Shiflett, Hattie P.
Shiflett, Infant Son of William and Sue
Shiflett, Margaret D.
Shiflett, Martha M. and son Jessie W.
Shiflett, Owen B. and Harry B.
Shiflett, Owen R. and Bernice B.
Shiflett, Richard Earl Lorraine C
Shiflett, Richard E. and  Evelynn B.
Shiflett, Wilbur R. and Eva M.

Thomas, James S.


Vest, Irene Morris   Note: Irene died 07 Mar 2008 in Richmond, VA
Vest, William Lewis