Albemarle Co., VA


                             Before Cleanup                                                 After Cleanup of 2003 by Ellie Shifflett
                                                                                                          Beck and 2 friends

This old Shiflett Cemetery is located on land once owned by Lunas Jarrell Morris and his wife Althea Alice Shiflett.  It is about 100 yards off of Rt 810 near Shifflett's Mill Rd.  The land is now divided into lots and being sold.  The cemetery is on lot #3.  There is one new house built about 100 feet from the cemetery.  
     Lunas's grandson James Kelly Shifflett and his wife Shelby guided us to the site.  It had been 23 years since James was last there. According to James his grandmother Althea Alice [Shiflett] Morris is buried there in one of the field stone graves.  His grandfather Lunas is buried at Mission Home Cemetery
     There are 4 readable tombstones and about 14 field stones.  There is probably more Shiflett's buried there, but we may never know who they are.

William Moton Shiflett
Elvanda (Elvey) [Herring] Shiflett
William F. Shiflett
Tomie J. Shiflett

Shelby discovered a little box made of metal and wood.  Inside the box was a piece of paper and written on the paper it said "Sally Louise we love you"  The other side of the paper had a flower design on it.

Box closed
Box Opened